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Review by ruccik on 2007-04-17
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I wanted consumers to be made aware of the food safety issue at the Delessio bakery from where I recently got a cake. I wanted to stress on the seriousness of the event and the disturbing nature of the subsequent response from the baking establishment.

My cousin purchased a cake called "Tres Leches" from the Delassio Bakery on Saturday March 31st at around 4:30pm to give to us as they were coming to our house for dinner. They purchased this cake from the 302 Broderick Street location of the Delassio Bakery establishment. We all ate slices of the cake after dinner that evening. We then kept the remainder of the cake in the fridge for later consumption by me, my husband and our 2 year old daughter.

On Wednesday evening (April 4th), I bit into one of the last slices of the cake and was cut in two places on my tongue by a piece of glass in the cake. I removed the piece of glass from the cake and saved it. The one in my mouth I spat out and it went down the drain. My tongue bled quite profusely and the bleeding was stemmed by pressure and repeated cold water washes.

I called the establishment (Delessio's) the next day (Thursday April 5th) and was eventually referred to the owner. His response was wildly inappropriate, in my opinion, in that he yelled at me for reporting this incident and said various statements along the lines of the following: What do you want? This has never been reported before. We don't have glass here - we are a glass free establishment (??). Why did you report this today when you got the cake Saturday (again, the incident happened on Wednesday, but I was not given a chance to explain)? Why don't you have your lawyer contact my insurance company? Why are you calling me?

I do not need to explain to you about the various health hazards posed by glass in a baked product, but this health violation was particularly concerning given that my 2 1/2 year old daughter was eating the cake as well. As you know, swallowing a piece of glass can lead to esophageal rupture or esophageal-aortic fistulas. A patient with a bleeding disorder could have suffered enormously from being cut on the tongue or anywhere in the alimentary canal by glass. In addition, other materials may be present in the cake along with the glass that were undetectable, but may pose health risks.

What is most disturbing was the unapologetic and belligerent stance taken by the bakery owner. I am reporting this incident to ensure that this violation is looked in to and to ensure that this situation would be addressed so that other consumers of Delasssio's products would not be similarly affected. I am very concerned that a place that expresses such belligerence may not subsequently be reflective of their safety codes after such incidents are reported.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-17:
While in Mexico some time ago I ordered a drink at a local eatery. The glass was broken and a piece broke off in my mouth. I showed it to the waiter, he got the manager. I handed it to the manager, he ran off with the glass and broken piece. Neither the waiter or manager knew anything about what I was talking about when I asked what they were going to do about the broken glass. Lesson learned, I always check my food and drinks now.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-18:
So, why don't you have your lawyer call his insurance3 company?

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