Readers Mart Complaint - Total theives - magazine subscriptions

Review by littlejon on 2007-04-21
The Readers Mart Company or Neighborhood Co. are the biggest bunch of free ranging rip-off artists I have ever seen, why is it not illegal to trick consumers into purchasing magazines, then drafting your bank or sneaking it in as an electronic check?

Then when one tries to stop the magazines,returns the copies in the mail,calls the magazine co., every magazine customer service rep hands the consumer off to Readers Mart, or the Neighborhood, or if they have gotten slimy and ugly, some lousy fly-by-night credit company has been brought in to harass, threaten, and brow-beat the consumer.

This is one of the worst and most pro-longed forms of theft that I have ever known. Are there no laws to protect us? How many customers are being bullied, lied to, cajoled, harassed?

The magazines are not bad magazines, just letting their subs be sold by cut-throat organizations that use every sneaky method in their power to drain the bank accounts of consumers!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-21:
It sounds like your the one that gave them your bank info? If they are such a bunch of rip-off artists why did you give them access to your bank account?
Posted by S. on 2007-04-22:
Why don't you tell us how you *really* feel?
Posted by imjustasteph on 2007-04-25:
These people call you up and tell you how they're gonna give you three magazine subscriptions of your choice for free if you pay for just one sub to a fourth (higher priced) magazine. I always tell them no thanks I buy my subscriptions on Ebay. Then I describe specifics deals: Disney Adventure magazine for my kids, around 3 bucks for 2 year sub. Just for instance. I explain that I can get all four for less than what they want.

But I'm betting these are the same slime that the OP dealt with. They probably DO charge you either for the other subs, or some other 'miscellaneous' charges they 'forgot to mention'.
Posted by swarcom on 2007-04-25:
I just received a phone call to receive a vacation package valued at $1500 and a shopping spree valued at $500. It was towards the end of the call that they told me about 6 free magazine subscriptions for 60 months. The catch was that I would pay some service fee of $4.60 (or $4.16) per week.

I declined the offer without any pressure or argument as I know I can't keep up with reading magazines.

But I did some calculations and used some common sense to figure out that the giveaway isn't all it's cracked up to be. Based on the service fee over the 60 month period, I would end up paying around $1200. They claim to be giving you a vacation package and shopping spree worth $2000, but they likely book these way in advance in bulk and pay only a fraction of the supposed value. I worked at a printing press and it costs almost nothing to print a magazine. And mailing is done on a bulk rate at no extra cost.

All in all, they make a good buck. And most people probably will not have the time to read the magazines, but will have to dispose of them or try to pile them up somewhere in the house. So the magazines are of little value to most who take part in the giveaway. And they could have booked a vacation and spent money on shopping for less than the whole hassle of dealing with a stack of magazines coming in the house every week.

And the fact that anyone would have a hard time cancelling the subscriptions or getting money back is ample reason not to deal with these folks.

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