Haselwood Buick Pontiac GMC (West Hills Auto Complex) Complaint - Promises Forgotten - Used Car - 2002 Saturn SL1

Review by shihtzi on 2007-04-30
BREMERTON, WASHINGTON -- A couple of weeks ago or so, I purchased a used car from Haselwood. Since my old car finally broke down, I decided to call to the West Hills Auto Complex since they treated me well last time. Prior to car shopping I did some research as to what kind of car I wanted to buy. I saw a 2002 Saturn SL1 on their website and after reviewing various websites that praised Saturns as reliable, I decided this was the vehicle I wanted. Upon arriving at the dealership with my father, a test drive was arranged with Steve O, as my salesman. While on the test drive, the Check Engine Light came on. Concerned, I brought it to the attention of Steve O. The last thing I needed was another vehicle to cause me trouble. Steve O reassured me that the mechanic just forgot to reset it and all is well with the vehicle. While trying to come to acceptable purchase terms, over and over again I politely requested to see a copy of the mechanics report to see if anything major was noted so I can feel good that I did my due diligence and that I was also a repeat customer. I was really trying to do my due diligence and cover my bases to make sure I was getting a reliable vehicle. Unfortunately, shopping late on a Sunday, a mechanics report was unavailable at the time. However, over and over again, I was reassured that car was just fine and that if anything needed to be done, they would take care of it and they would take care of me. I was told by Steve O, not to worry because the car was covered under a warranty and that if my car was down for more than a day or two that loaner cars were available. Truthfully, I didn't even know the car was supposed to have a warranty and that the dealership even had loaner cars available until the words came out of his mouth. All I wanted was to ensure that the check engine light would be looked at and taken care of as a condition of purchasing the car. Though I don't trust salesmen, he did his best to reassure me and I trusted him to keep his word.

When it came time to sign on the dotted line, I was told by the Finance guy that there was no warranty on the car. My father and I told him that Steve O said there was. He brought Steve O in and Steve basically told me I must have misheard him and made both my father and I feel like fools. I called him on it and told him why did he even bother to mention a warranty when it was not even included with the car??? I nearly walked out on the deal (and wished I did after all the trouble I have been through) when the Finance guy threw in a 3 month/3,000 mile warranty on the car. Needing a vehicle, I signed on the dotted line making sure to note in the agreement about the Check Engine light. While waiting for my car, I was next told by Steve O and his manager Tony, that they would call me to set up a convenient time to have the engine light taken a look at. No one called me.

It then took me 3 days to finally get a copy of the mechanics report. It was just a checklist that looked like someone just X'd all the way down. The vehicle information was hardly noted on any of the pages, so it was hard to trust that it was authentic. Only an oil change was noted and nothing else. According to the sheet, all the basics checked out fine.

For the next week, the light would come on and off. Maybe it was a strange fluke? However, on my way to work, while stopped at a red light, my car shut down. Fortunately, I was able to restart it and I called the dealership to set up a time to drop off my car. I dropped it off on a Wednesday night after work. Thursday, I'm told it has a "Exhaust/Gas Regulator Issue" and they have to order the part. The car would hopefully be ready by Friday/Saturday. During this time, I was able to borrow my mother's vehicle since it was her off week for her carpool.

Friday comes and goes without a phone call giving me status. Saturday morning I call and am mistakenly told that my car is ready. Since my car was bought from the Value Lot it needed to be serviced by the Value Garage and the guy I spoke to at the regular Service Garage, Steve (a different Steve) did not realize my car was sent out. My father and I arrive at the dealership expecting to pick up my car. When told it would not be ready until possibly Tuesday, I inquired about getting a loaner car. Both Steve O and Tony, a sales manager, told me that since my car was being fixed for free out of goodwill, that they could not give me a loaner car.

Goodwill????!!! I made sure to note the issue in the agreement! Steve O then told me that I was lucky that the dealership was willing to fix the car for free because other dealerships wouldn't haven't been so nice. I called him on that as well! I told him it was noted in my agreement when I signed the car, are you telling me that the dealership is only being nice enough to honor the agreement? I got him there, but he still refused to give me a loaner car. My father chimed in, saying that since they sold me a defective vehicle and are not following on promises made during the sale, that he could not recommend the dealership to anyone. All we got is a "sorry you feel that way". Joe, the service department manager had earlier said that if they refuse to give me a loaner to see him, but he also said that giving loaners where not under his jurisdiction. So livid and thinking that the service department could not do anything to help further our cause, my father and I left.

On my way to a baseball game that afternoon, I received a call from Steve at the Service department saying that he talked Steve O and Tony into letting me have a loaner car. Unable to pick up that day and being closed on Sunday since the service department had to set it up, I was told the dealership's shuttle could come pick me up first thing Monday morning. I requested that they pick up as soon as possible that morning since I didn't want to miss too much work. I was told that the shuttle should be by to pick me up between 7:45-8:00am.

The shuttle driver called me at 7:45 to tell me he was on his way and if he needed directions he would call me. He finally showed up at 8:40am saying he had a hard time finding me and that he likes to try to attempt to find the place before calling for directions. Though the driver was friendly enough, I couldn't believe his logic! Hoping to only miss an hour of work, I was working on 2 hours by the time I picked up the loaner car.

Thanking Steve at the service desk for arranging a loaner for me, he told me what Steve O and Tony said prior, that they don't usually do this. For now, I have my loaner and I'm hoping that my own car will be ready soon. I tried so hard to cover my bases, only to fall for false assurances and promises that were quickly forgotten once I signed on the dotted line.

Also a minor complaint - the day I purchased my car was the last day of the soda promotion in which I would received 20 cases with my purchase. Twice they asked my father and I what kind of soda we wanted, twice we told them. Upon coming home with my "new" vehicle, late and exhausted on Sunday night, there was no soda in the trunk! I had to return the following day to get my soda.

Please let me my experience be a warning to those who are looking to purchase at Haselwood and their partner lots in the West Hills Auto Complex. Honesty and integrity do not appear to be a part of their customer service policy.
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Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-04-30:
I have to say that it sounds like you were pretty darn thorough. Good for you. Only other thing you could have done was not take it that Sunday and come back Monday night after the service dept looked it over. Results would have almost been the same though...
Posted by Skye on 2007-04-30:
All I can say is, why oh why did you purchase a car with the check engine light on?? Weren't there any other car dealers you could of went to, for a Saturn???? I just hope you don't end up with a lifetime of headaches, and every other weekend at this dealership for repairs.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-04-30:
First of all...Saturn's are pieces of shyt! I wouldn't take a Saturn if you gave it to me. I would have shopped at other dealerships that are reputable if they would have tried to sell me a car with the "check engine light" on.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-01:
LMAO, Ejack is ......colorful. My best suggestion to you is to seriously consider purchasing another car. The Saturns have a notorious timimg chain problem that WILL result in replacement of the engine. If that is not feasible then consider extending the warranty on the vehicle. Good Luck
Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-05-01:
See poster..even the Dealerdirect says Saturn's are pieces of shyt. If I saw a Saturn on fire, I wouldn't waste the piss in my bladder to put it out!
Posted by mydogbozo on 2008-02-03:
LOL....yeah they are junk. Insome states that engine light is part of the state inspection. i think you are talking about the EGR Valve, exhaust gas recirculation, if that comes open at the wrong time, especially deceleration or a stop, the engine will stall. It will also set a hard check engine light. That stalling problem can get you killed.

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