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Review by Bonus on 2007-04-30
CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Hey everyone, I work for SunCom customer service and have experienced calls just like the ones that you all are writing about.
I find myself sitting here smiling because I can imagine hearing you guys on the line and my scanning through your acct as quickly as possible to try and help you out.

In response to the 'Estimate Acct Balance'; it's true...we do use it as a tool to keep your bills from being astronomical. I have seen credit classes with account spending limits of on 150.00 call me because they got interrupted because they went over their limit.

"My bill is only 124.76! Why did YOU (like I did it) turn off my phone! You just trying to scam me outta some money! You don't care about me as a customer you just want my money! Turn my phone back on..." etc...etc...etc.
My response: 'Well, sir/ma'am, please give me a couple seconds to review your acct to see where this interruption came from.'

At that time I usually have to mute the line because the incessant complaining doesn't stop.

'Sir/Ma'am, I see that you have a spending limit of 150.00 and that your bill is currently around teh 125.00 mark. Have you ever had the difference between spending limit and current balance explained to you?'

Their response: 'NO!! The rep at the store never went over it with me and I shouldn't be held responsible for something I didn't know about. The store rep should have gone over every aspect and every nuance of how my acct works before I signed my contract....etc etc."

My response: 'Well, let me explain it to you....the ASL is more like a tool than an actual balance. It let's out computer monitor your spending and will interrupt your phone when you go over your limit to prevent you from having astonomical bills. The estimated balance is just that...estiamted. the current balance is exaclty what it says it is: current. It is the charges that have actually posted to your acct and is not related directly to the Estiamted balance."

I am very good at my job and am always able to get this explaination across well enough to calm down said customer.
Now, I have hear some other reps around me that make my stomach cringe. Some people just have no idea how to treat customers and it makes me wonder why they still have a job.

I am not perfect. I have slipped up before and given out incorrect information or promised something that I forgot to do, but i always take responsibility for what I have or haven't done and learn from it. if I forgot to give you a credit, it was just that. I didn't say I would give you a credit after spending 15-mins with you on the phone and intentionally not give it so you can call back and yell at some other rep. I wouldn't do that, and none of the other reps here would.

If something didn't go the way that you wanted it to, give us a call and let us do our job. more often than not we will go above and beyond to give you the best service we can.
There's nothing like coming in at the beginning of my shift and hearing a fellow rep start her greeting:

'Hello, thank-you for calling SunCom customer Care. This is *name* speaking. how may I help you?'

5-seconds later I here the click of a 'Mute' button and that same rep makes this comment.

'Oh no..not today woman! i am not dealing with you today and please don't give me hell!'

After a moment of silence (whe the cust was prolly screaming something at the rep) I hear her say:

'Okay, ma'am. may I place you on hold for a few minutes while I research this problem?'

Mute click.

This happens ALOT! if you call in and are yelling and screaming and saying the same thing over and over again....we usually will shut you out or let some other reps in on the laugh. I bet if you call in ranting and raving about some injustice of $75.00 or an early termination fee, you will be placed on mute and the call will be conferenced with some other reps.

It happens all of the time. What I'm trying to say is this: you get more flies with honey than vinegar.

I had a lady call me earlier today with a 2000.00+ phone bill (yes two-thousand dollars).
She was as nice as could be and let me do my job. She let me place her on hold...explained the situation only once...didn't insult my intelligence and believed what I said I would do and let me do it.
I was able to retain her service w/o the dreaded contract extension, update her line, and get her a credit for over 2000.00 dollars. Kind of makes your little 25.00 activation fee squabble sound a little silly huh?
In short - we will help you her at Suncom. We will do what we can do and if we can't do it we will try to get someone who can do it to help you.

We are not all-knowing and will sometimes make mistakes. If you have ever worked CS then you know the stresses of the job.

Don't hate the company. if you get a bad rep, please just ask to be x-fered to someone else that would be willing to help, or kindly ask to speak to his/her supervisor and report them. They will learn through coaching. Sometimes people have bad days or are totally new. the turn-over rate for most call centers is astronomical because people can't deal with the stress.

I take over 100 calls a day and always give each one the same attention as I gave the last. if you are harsh to me....I will be short and to the point with you. I will never insult you, but I will do whatver I have to meet the reqs for the call and not fail it and move on. Will I provide good service...sure. Will I provide exceptional service...probably not.

The respect goes both ways.

We do value your business and hope you will have a good day.
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Posted by S. on 2007-05-01:
Good information. And I agree. Whenever I have a perceived problem and contact customer service, I calmly explain the purpose of my call and what I think the resolution should be. It's taken care of satisfactorily 99.9% of the time. But that other .1% that gets jiggly with me--look out! That's when I lose my so-called cool.
Posted by Bonus on 2007-05-01:
....and with that .01% you should...let them know that they are gicing us all a bad rep.
Posted by sciteacher on 2007-05-02:
I agree that you may receive some very rude customer calls, but please consider that many of us are not rude. We all may deal with people in our jobs, and as a teacher, I am especially careful and courteous to others, as I have been on the receiving end before.

However, not all representatives are as willing to help as you may be. We found ours very nasty with us as we tried to explain our plight. We could in no way have made phone calls during the school day (all day long I may add), when we certainly are doing our jobs. This could be explained by our principals, and coworkers. So when we are charged for something that we had nothing to do with, but clearly must a phone malfunction, it is disconcerting.

All we wanted was for someone to help us clear up this mess, and explained that we certainly did not have $500 dollars to spend on service not utilized by us.

If you have any advise for us or a name of someone who could help us, I would be very appreciative.
Posted by Bonus on 2007-05-03:
if that happens, then do as I suggested: ask to be x-fered back into the queue and speak with a more competent rep, or apeak with his/her supervisor. The only thing that I can suggest is to not do the whole: 'I already explained this and I refuse to explain it again..' -or- the 'don't tell me you can't do...JUST DO IT!!' routines.
We'll listen...if you feel like we're not, then take the extra 10-minutes and talk with another representative until you get the help you desire. if you go from rep to rep and are getting the same responses chances are they are not BSing you but are really doing all the company will allow.
Inyour case...500.00 extra on a bill is something to be alawmred about. Sometimes, it's very very hard to find out where charges come from on a bill and it takes a bit of research and time to find out why it's there.
Earlier today, it took me over 20 minutes to find out that a woman had 30+ extra on her bill because of the tax adjustment on an overcharged fee that got credited back to her earlier that month.

Sometimes..and I hate to say it...reps will rush customers off of the phone because they can't deal with the situation or because they feel cornered by the cutomer.

It's up to you how you want to handle a bad rep...or how you want to handle the information a good rep tells you.

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