Conicelli Nissan in Conshohocken Pennsylvania Informative - New Car Bait and Switch

Review by blindingsun on 2007-05-01
CONSHOHOCKEN, PENNSYLVANIA -- Hello future automobile purchasers. Be advised before going into this dealership, they use bait and switch tactics on their car sales. I was promised a Popular package but once i bought the truck it was missing half the options i was promised. I called in to talk to a manager and was given the General Manager (currently Warren Lewis). I was shocked at the language he used when i mentioned returning the truck for a different truck. After talking to him i was given the Vice President (currently Mike Hanna)who was even worse and talked even nastier. I decided to pay this dealership another visit to see if they'd have the nerve to talk like that face to face with other customers present and guess what? They were alot different face to face. Avoid Conicelli Nissan of Conshohocken at all costs!!!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-01:
Did you look at the truck before you bought it. I can't understand how someone could no see half the options were missing. Were the options listed on yours sales contract? The one you signed. If its not in the sales contract, you screwed yourself.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-01:
How did you not notice that half the options were missing until after you bought the vehicle?
Are the missing options listed in your contract that you signed? If so, then you have a case, if not, then I agree with Robf.
Posted by blindingsun on 2007-05-01:
it took them hours to get the paperwork done and by the time i got to actually see the car it was was 7 pm. i'm returning the car in the morning, even tho they've told me they'll tow it if i return it. I'm in the process of hiring a lawyer because they have told me i cant return it. I filed a complaint with the Attorney General's office as well. If u need more info on this dealer i intend to post several others complaints that im just now finding as i search online. btw be wary of any defenders of this dealership. They own at least 6 or 7 other dealerships and their family is huge. The best thing to do is avoid family run dealerships i guess. Stay tuned, i'll post others complaints here to follow!
Posted by blindingsun on 2007-05-01:
uthor: 350Z_Track
Date: Apr 19, 2002 11:43am

Conicelli Nissan, over here in Norristown Pa, wanted $5000 over MSRP and non-refundable deposit of $2500. I walked right out. Waste of time! Shady people!

Went to Sloane Nissan and ordered my Track model at MSRP and $500 refundable deposit. They will even car me for a test drive when it becomes available.

hmmm, sounds like another unsatisfied customer!
Posted by blindingsun on 2007-05-01:
Dear Complaints.com:

Here is a small complaint in case you run out of big ones.


Son Truong.

To: Conicelli Toyota, Conshohocken and whom it may concern, Sunday January
1, 2006

I scheduled an appointment at 10AM and on Tuesday December 27, 2005 with
Conicelli Toyota Service Department, 1200 Ridge Pike, Conshohocken, PA 19428
for a seat belt recall and state inspection. Because Conicelli Toyota is
about a 40-minute drive from my home so I took a day off in case I had to
wait a couple hours for my car. After arriving (on time) at Conicelli
Service Department and giving my key, registration, and insurance policy to
the service manager I was told to have a seat and wait for my car.

There were about ten customers waiting for their cars to be worked on. I
waited patiently, watched TV, read magazines, and saw the people who came
before and after me, got served and left but nobody called me about my car.
About 3 hours 30 minutes and several TV shows later I sensed something was
wrong and took a walk to the parking lot. My car was at the same spot I
parked in the morning. Next I asked the service manager if my car was being
worked on. He told me I was supposed to drop it off and pick up at 5:00PM.
He didn’t tell me that in the morning. It couldn’t be the case because he
didn’t ask for my phone number when I left him my key. I was disappointed
because by now the place was empty and yet they refused to work on my car
after forgetting about me for 3 and a half hours! I was hoping for a
response similar to: “… we are sorry we forgot, I will have someone work on
your car right now and it will be done in an hour or so.” but it didn’t

By now I was tired and frustrated so I asked for my key, registration,
insurance and went home. Three days later I had the seat belt recall and
state inspection done at a Toyota dealer closer to my home and it took them
less than an hour to do the job.

I went to Conicelli because I have bought my ‘05 Sienna there. I thought
they would offer good service to current customers. This wasn’t the case for
me. I wasted my day off for nothing. I was so disappointed I probably won’t
bring my car to Conicelli again.

Son Truong.

Complaint #: 1036

Complaints.com Home - A

hmmm....looks like another unsatisfied customer!
Posted by blindingsun on 2007-05-01:

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 28, 2004 1:07 pm Post subject: Conicelli Mitsubishi - aggrivating, lame customer service Reply with quote
Excellent prices, but not even close to excellent customer service. I've heard they're typically very good - reason I went there in the first place, but they made an obvious mistake, and are very unwilling to admit to it, let alone do anything to fix it...

Two weeks ago I ordered some parts for my rebuild from these guys. A week later the product doesn't show up, and so I call. They say they have no record of the order, even though I have the "print this for your records" printout for the order.

So, I place another order using the same method, and call to make sure it went through. They say they received it, and it's going out today. I'm all exited because I've been waiting over a week for some timing cover gaskets. 3 days go by, and I'm wondering where my next day air package is. I call, and it turns out it's been delivered. I live in an apartment building and call management, and of course, they have it. This was not at all conicelli's fault, but definitely frustrating.

So I pick up the package, take the box to my garage, start working on my car, and when I need a part, bust open the package to find a front case gasket, oil pickup gasket, filter housing gasket, and oil return gasket. I call conicelli but thier closed, my luck, it's late Friday.

Today, I call them and tell them my problem. After they got all upset and said you shouldn't have asked for a front cover gasket because we thought you meant front case gasket, I explain to them that I copied and pasted this info from thier site, and on my order, it basically looks like this:


I can see the confusion, if there was only one, but considering I've always heard the case referred to as a case, and the timing cover refered to as a cover, I would think they might think about it.
Next I wonder why they didn't realize that the front case only has one gasket, and the cover has 4, and that those 4 are listed just the way these are in thier own catalog.

After 'decifering' this coded order, they apparently decided that what I wanted was the front case gasket, oil pickup gasket, oil filter housing gasket, and a rear gasket- not even related. What really gets me though, is how they managed to send all of this to me, without realizing the price differences between parts, and charging me more, or crediting my order.

I really can understand the confusion, I've worked in this type of environment before, it was Monday, they also had weekend orders to deal with, it must have been hectic, and mistakes happen, that's fine. The thing that really bothered me about this, is that first, they are saying it is completely my fault for not being more specific (I copied and pasted the part description from thier own catalog), and that the best they can do to resolve this is have me pay for the order again, and split the cost of shipping with me (they will refund the parts, but not the $25 I spent in overnight fees). Half of shipping for an order that should have gone through 2 weeks ago seems kindo lame, especially since I wouldn't have to have them shipped again if they would have sent me the right parts the first time. I can see if it was a big item, but we're talking about 3oz worth of gaskets that would fit into an overnight envelope. Had I known it would have taken 2 weeks, I just would have gone to my dealer in the first place, and waited 3 days for them to order it, and spent less money - $25 to ship $10 worth of parts - only because they could overnight it to me.

I just wanted to let people know that my experience with Conicelli was definitely not nice, and I'm amazed at how unwilling they were to resolve this issue, expecially when I was very calm and resonable over the phone. I imagine that if you called them with exact mitsu part numbers you wouldn't have an issue, but if there was one, don't expect them to be very willing to work with you.

Not sure if this in an isolated case (hopefully) and they were just having a bad day, or if they really are slacking. I also hear over the phone with part numbers to tell them is the best way to deal with this company (get a CAPS program).
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 08, 2004 9:19 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
You don't have to deal with this situation anymore. Conicelli is now OUT-OF-BUSINESS for the DSM community.

hmmm....i wonder if these people are any relation to the conicelli's of Pennsylvania = )
Posted by blindingsun on 2007-05-01:
Conicelli Used Cars Ripoff false vehicle history report provided by them Conshohocken Pennsylvania
Conicelli Used Cars
550 Ridge Pike
Conshohocken Pennsylvania

I purchased a VW Passat 01 with 45,000 miles from them. I was led to believe that the car had a clear vehicle history report by their online ad. They also provided a paper with a clear history report. Now at 60,000 miles and my car needs a new motor, one of many things wrong. The VW dealership that looked at my car told me Im not the second but the third owner. And the first owner was a rental car agency. The report they provided stated that the car was never a rental. Im stuck with a $5000 mistake that I would have never risked if I knew I was buying a rental car. They also have had two guys from their scam team go to jail for other fraud.

lansdale, Pennsylvania

hmmm....another satisfied customer? maybe not!!!
Posted by blindingsun on 2007-05-01:
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Conicelli Nissan - Conshocken, PA
Conicelli Nissan - Conshocken, PA

They are definately hit or miss. Last year had a really good experience with the mechanic I got. He recommended a few things, but didn't push me into anything and I passed inspection and emissions.

This year get a different mechanic with a much different experience. I knew my CEL was on and that my EGR valve needed replacement, but from his diagnostic he comes away with five codes (O2 sensors, misfire, etc). He also comes away with a $3500 bill !! What a joke.

- I have a minor exhaust leak at my b-pipe/muffler, he suggests a new exhaust pipe and muffler installed - $850
- I have a cylinder misfire, he recommends all six ignition coils - $749
- Clean EGR and intake manifold - $795
- etc, etc

What crap, this guy doesn't even look into other possible options to fix the car. Oh and instead of just telling me it won't pass emissions and inspection, after paying the $67 for diagnosis, he still goes and does a state inspection and charges me $25 even when he knew it would fail.

I would NOT recommend Conicelli Nissan in Conshocken, PA.

EDIT: I did not pay those prices. I'm going to take my car to a "friend" who is a mechanic to get inspected and I'm looking at 02/03 Maxima's.
Posted by blindingsun on 2007-05-01:
Not so great, rude Profile_stars_1
By Jamie G.

Although it is clear that others have had good experiences, I as well as a friend have had consistent and less than ideal experiences dealing with Conicelli Honda. On my first and only trip there, I was interested in looking at a honda civic as a third car to use for trips to the train. The salesman was initially quite polite, but when I refused to leave a $500 deposit in order to merely test drive the Si version, he became annoyed and all but walked away because of my refusal. Leaving a deposit for a test drive? Ridiculous. I bought a civic elsewhere AND test drove it beforehand without a deposit. A friend of mine recently went there as well to look at a CR-V. After his return, he started to tell me how rude the sales staff was. When he told me that it was Conicelli, I told him that he should have asked me first, because i had a similar experience and wouldn't have recommended them. In this instance, when my friend inquired about safety features of the CR-V the salesman told him he should consider going to the BMW dealership and spend 60 grand. Rude AND uninformed, as the CR-V actually has many safety features standard. i don't know whether we both got the same salesperson, but rude service has been my experience, and that of others I know. If you go there and the salesperson is rude, ask to speak to the manager or go somewhere else. I was too annoyed and went to another dealership that was respectful and seemed to value my business when i purchased a vehicle. My friend did the same. Not such a NICE place to do business.

Posted 2/13/2007 at 10:29am | Printable Version

hmmm....someone who knew better than to leave a deposit for a simple test drive. thank god they were smart enough to see a fox in sheeps clothing = )
Posted by blindingsun on 2007-05-01:
here's a bit of icing on the cake, a nifty photo of Mike Hammond, Vice President of sales and marketing. My wife took a supreme verbal beating from this guy for simply asking what the return policy was for new vehicles, after telling her off he bragged about being a "conicelli" of which i later found out he only married into the family. gosh i wonder if this is one of the perks of being a "conicelli" family member?

Posted by rsilly31 on 2007-10-20:
Took my car in for inspection this morning at Conicelli Hyundai. Not a big fan of Conicelli, but they bought out Savage (who I didn't really like either) so there I was. Service people didn't seem overly eager to work at 8am, but they grudginly did their job. They told me it would take an hour and a half, which is not what they said when I made the appt.
So, I called my mom for a ride out of there! While waiting for her to pick me up Hyundai calls my cell phone....to tell me I need new front brake pads! So I go back in and they tell me I am in dire need of front brake pads, like now. I question them because exactly two yrs ago I had all new brakes put on. So I was leary, but knowing nothing I said that I needed to wait on the replacement b/c I didn't have $225 for that today....then they tell me that soon I will need new tires!! Funny thing is that about two weeks ago I got four brand new freakin tires put on!
Red flags start going up and now I am seriously ticked off. They finish up my car and I pay and leave.....
Several hours late I am at my moms house pulling out of her driveway and she is yelling at me telling me that my brake lights don't work!!!

Now when I went in this morning my left brake was out and when I checked in I TOLD them the brake light was out and needed to be replaced! Not only did they not fix it, but now the right one is out too!! How on earth can they pass me on inspection when the brake lights are out? AND after everything else I can't help but wonder if half of this shadiness happened b/c I am a woman!

Also....if I was in such dire need of front brake pads, once again why would they pass the inspection.

Sounds sleazy to me! I called and talked to the sales mgr b/c service was already closed, but I felt someone needed to know today....not days later. He was all about agreeing with me and how sorry he was, but he was way quick to say that the service people would NEVER knowingly be shady...HA HA HA.
So, we will see what Monday brings. I was promised a phonecall by 10am. Thankfully I have a neighbor who was willing to help me out and fix the brakelights, but that should never have been an issue. I plan on reporting them Monday morning. I can't be the only one.....
Posted by Stripes on 2009-04-15:
All i can say is stay away from this dealership I lease from them the customer service is a nightmare! I am going back and forth with them right now they don't want to fix a thing! Nickel and dime your for everything A total nightmare! Will noT BE LEASING FROM THEM AS SPONGE BOB SAY ever>>>>> AGAIN.. They suck...
Posted by krdianec on 2010-10-04:
I really wish I would have read this before I bought a used vehicle from Conicelli Toyota. The whole chain of Conicelli's seem to have the same problem, apparently for years now. They are so "nice" when they are tryig to sell you but ignorant and neglectful after your purchase. I am going broke in my "new" vehicle and sincerely regret EVER doing business with them to begin with.

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