Buffalo Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor Ltd. Complaint - Apalling Treatment of Customers!

Review by Username on 2007-05-01
BUFFALO GROVE, ILLINOIS -- This place has completely shocked me! The way we were treated by the management was appalling! I want everyone to know how poorly they treat their customers, people shouldn’t get away with making others feel the way they made me and my friend feel!

Me and a friend decided to try out this restaurant. He had ordered the Chicken Parmesan and I had ordered the Buffalo Chicken Wings and Fried Zucchini. When our food arrived we were thoroughly displeased. First off, my friend, who doesn’t eat red meat, was shocked to see that the Chicken Parmesan had meat sauce on it. As far as I know Chicken Parmesan does not come with meat sauce. My Buffalo Chicken wings were full sized drumsticks covered in a sweet bar-b-que sauce, not the tangy spicy sauce the menu described, and the drumsticks were extremely stringy and bad as though they had been in the freezer a little too long. The Fried Zucchini was soggy and gross, it went limp in your hand as you picked it up. All three entrees were not edible and not up to our standards. Now, I have NEVER sent food back at a restaurant before, usually everything is at least satisfactory, but me and my friend could not see paying for food that we could not eat. What happened afterwards is the reason I feel compelled to write in.

The owner or manager, he never specified his position, came up to us demanding to know why we sent our food back. We explained to him the same things we told our waitress and he started yelling at us about how much food we just wasted and how much it cost him. At this point me and my friend were starting to feel very nervous because he was yelling at us in front of the entire restaurant and everyone was staring in our direction! He yelled at us for a good five minutes demanding that we still pay for the food and telling us that this has never happened in his restaurant before. We refused to pay for a meal that neither of us could eat and he still had the gall to put the check on our table! We walked up to the front, informed the cashier that we refused to pay and left. If we had not been treated so poorly by the owner I would not be writing this letter, I would even go back there again and simply order a different meal but the way we were treated by management is unacceptable!
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Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-05-01:
I know that place. I live in the area. I ate there once. Wasn't anything to write home about. That was horrible treatment. Glad you left.
Posted by tickytack on 2007-05-01:
I do agree that, if you're not exaggerating about the manager's conduct (I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that he was rude, but somehow I think you embellished a bit), you had every right to walk out without paying (heck, if you can't find something decent to eat on your plate, you SHOULD send it back).

That being said, however, your friend should know better than to not enquire as to whether a dish has meat sauce on it. As a vegetarian, I know enough to ask. Meat sauce on chicken (which is also meat) parm. is not that unusual. Next time, your friend should definitely ask.

The whole experience, though, sounds nasty.
Posted by grandma005 on 2007-05-01:
Don't ever go back there! You could get really sick.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-01:
User, I am sorry about the treatment that you two received at that dump. Good for you for not paying for that slop. It's restaurants like that that give Buffalo Wings a bad name. Trust me, I was served partially cooked ones but the place was much more graceful than that.....Let's hope that jerk and his goes "belly up" if that's the attitude that he is taking!
Posted by Bell on 2007-05-02:
Any greasy spoon diner like this should be checked for food quality. Also, that manager should be sacked!
Posted by Username on 2007-05-03:
I garuntee you that I am not embellishing my experience AT ALL! That is why I am so shocked! I have eaten out at a million restaurants all over the country, I am kind of a restaurant junkie, so I was shocked by this mans behavior. I really do wish I was embellishing. As far as meat sauce on Chicken Parmesan, well that is simply not how it is cooked. I am an ameture chef and one thing you learn is that you really don't mix meats like that. Also, my friend is an extremely picky eater, I think he has had Chicken Parmesan and pretty much every restaurant in the area and he has never seen meat sauce on it so it really never occured to him to ask.

Thanks for everyone's comments.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-05-03:
I have never had chicken parm with a meat sauce, and I certainly wouldn't think I would have to ask about it.

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