Schaumburg Dodge Complaint - Service Department Rip Off

Review by kgzh30a on 2007-05-04
SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS -- Date of service was 5/3/07. My car is a Dodge Durango. My wife brought it in for an oil change and lube and to also repair a broken mirror. Service person Mike called my wife and reported that the vehicle also needs a new fan belt. I called Mike back and asked for details. Mike stated that the fan belt was “glazed” and there were cracks, as well as new rear brakes. I told Mike I wanted to inspect the belt as it was only 5 months old. When I went to pick up the vehicle, I was told that they cleaned off the glaze and the cracks had miraculously disappeared. As I am not a religious man, I don’t believe in miracles (maybe next time they will find an image of the Virgin Mary in the oil pan). I do believe this was an obvious attempt to rip off my wife. I will never know if I needed new brakes or not.

They also told my wife and the invoice states that the vehicle “needs” new plugs ($149.95), fuel system service ($199.95), power steering flush ($109.95), 4x4 service ($299.95), trans service flush ($269.95), Fluid flush ($159.95), and coolant flush ($169.95). When I questioned all of these they stated that these were “suggested” but the invoice specifically states “needs.”
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Posted by S on 2007-05-04:
I know this is a cliche... but... Dealerships will take advantage of folks they think don't know much about cars. It is not true of all dealerships, but there a lot of shady ones out there. I've dealt with the Toyota dealership in Schaumburg... complete scammers. I walked out on the salesmen and went out to Elgin where I got the price I wanted and great service. My wife had a similar experience at the Chrysler dealership in Schaumburg. My advice... take your car to another dealer a little farther out from Schaumburg... Try Elgin. The dealerships in Schaumburg get so much business they feel they can take advantage of folks... in my opinion.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-05-04:
This is EXACTLY why I don't take my SUV to the dealer. I found a local neighborhood mechanice in Chgo and can trust him. As fro your brakes...you mentioned you will never know if you neede brakes...I would highly suggest at least having someone check those out. Brakes are an obvious repair to view and determine.
Posted by adzidek on 2007-05-04:
Why would you go to the dealer for an oil change? You can get it done for 50% less ANYWHERE else. I take it even a step further and change it myself.
Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-05-04:
I normally change the oil myself, but I had to take my Tahoe in for warranty work. So, I paid the dealer to change oil using a coupon, and they tighten the oil plug bolt with an air wrench! They damaged the oil plug bolt and it was real hard to remove. Never again! I'll change my own oil from now on!

And yes, avoid that dealer. He lost your trust, just a big rip off.

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