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Review by gbird on 2007-05-05
LOS ANGELOS, CALIFORNIA -- If you have had a problem with TaxInc, please respond with what your problem was. We are gathering complaints and then are planning to take legal action and bring in key Federal and State regulatory and law enforcement agencies to investigate and resolve issues they are unwilling to speak to me about.

We prepaid them money to handle problems with IRS for a number of years and they sent us documents to fill out for each year. We sent much of it in as soon as we could. They said that they would work with the IRS to prevent any action against us since we were trying to comply. We called them a large number of times to ask if they had enough to get started and they said that they were handling everything not to worry. We sent more info to them and told them we were still working on their packages for a number of years. Some time passed and when we called to find out what they had accomplished, they stated that since we had taken so long we would have to pay them more money which caused the fee to exceed $10K. Next, more time passed since we were assured that this last fee would take care of all that was needed to allow them to wait for our info. Last week I contacted them and they stated that they had closed our account and would have to have another $10K to reopen it. I requested my money back since after all this time they had done nothing with all of the documents that we had sent to them, including tax returns we had done using our tax software that they were to review. They said they would not work on our account nor would they refund the money we had sent. Additionally, they had done nothing to assist us with the IRS according to our conversations with the IRS - even after we had sent them the documentation including power of attorney.

Please respond if you have had a problem since we believe that many others have had similar problems with these shysters.

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Posted by grandma005 on 2007-05-05:
I don't understand. Why are you paying these people so much money to do your taxes? What were they supposed to do to help you? It seems to me that you would of been better off just sending the $10,000 to the IRS. I think that you have been scam.
Posted by gbird on 2007-05-06:
The reason we paid so much money was to handle multiple years. This firm was to handle an offer to compromise to the IRS. They did nothing even after receiving our tax returns that we prepared for them to use to approach the IRS. We now know this due to our conversations with the IRS. We trusted the firm since it had appeared on advertisements on various programs that were reliable such as CNN. Obviously this does not matter and we intend to contact each of these shows to let them know about their sponsor's tactics. We will not stop until this is resolved.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-05-19:
qbird, I can truly feel for you. I had a co-worker who was supposed to do taxes on the side screw me over once. I really wonder, though, are you ready for what you are about to do? Do you have the money to pay attorneys like these guys have? These big companies that run scams like this have a whole slew of crooked ambulance chasers to keep their client (the company), from losing any money. Unless you are prepared to hire a 'dream team' of lawyers to pursue this, you might wish to cut your losses now.
Posted by gbird on 2007-05-21:
On the contrary, I am putting together others from not only this forum but others who will get together with me to prevent others from suffering from fraud from this company. I plan to bring in the Federal government since this involved interstate cons. Also, I am preparing my information for presentation to the State of CA.
Posted by champ70 on 2007-07-18:
gbird, I was scammed by TaxInc for $3200. I would like to take action against them.
Have you filed any complaints yet?
Posted by Joey22 on 2007-08-29:
We are having a bad experience with this company also.
Posted by champ70 on 2007-09-03:
Joey22, we took action. Have you taken any or plan on taking any action?
Posted by gbird on 2007-12-11:
Please let me know if anyone else has had a problem with TaxInc. We are bringing in the Federal government and have hired attorneys. We will launch our actions shortly.
Posted by Pooks on 2007-12-15:
I have had identical problems as you. When I first called TaxInc. I already had a payment plan set up with the IRS. I initially called them and spoke to them regarding an AD i saw where they say they can settle for less. The person who I talked to sounded very confident and credible. He told that in his own words "Its standard procedure" You will only pay 10% of what you owe, They do this all the time."
All I had to do he told me "Was cancel all current deals I have with the IRS, send them the power of attorney forms, and some other forms, and wait about 2 months. They will handle the rest."

THIS IS ALL A SCAM! (it takes 60days for the credit card, or check to clear, so you can't dispute it easily!! HENCE WAIT 60 DAYS OR MORE!!!

This is so unsafe too, when I filled out the paperwork, they were asking for all my Credit Card numbers and Checking account numbers and etc..

and VOILA! at almost the same time! I started getting FRADULENT TRANSACTIONS GOING THRU MY CREDIT CARD!!!! YIKES!!.. i fought those and the credit card company removed them (most of them!). At the time I did not think much of the possible connection between the two.

I called a few times to check on the process of how everything was going. I talked to Julia Chang, she always seemed very irritated by my calls, and just told me to wait..

Finally I started getting Nasty Letters from the IRS, both STATE and FEDERAL (as I was dealing with both)

Finally a IRS agent called me and wanted to know what was going on.. He was like You have been paying down everything on time, and now suddenly you cancel the agreement, and we have to threaten you will all this, what is going on!!??"

so I explained to him, that I hired TaxINC, they represent me now and they should had contacted you guys.. the IRS guy told me no one has contacted him at all!!!!

so I call back the TAXINC. guys. and tell Julia this. She tells me to fax over the last IRS letters I do that.

Another month goes by and I get a letter in the mail from the IRS..

it says the IRS has accepted my payment aggreement! IT WAS the same agreement I already had with the IRS!!! just $300 less a month!

BUT! thats not why i hired TAXINC!.. i had no problem paying my bill, I hired them because of their Tax settlement ads!! They told me "its standard procedure" and "they can help me!"

so I call Julia again very mad!! she tries to ignore me and is being extremely combative.
Just starts hanging up on me.

On top of all of this they did absolutely nothing with my States taxes.. I ended up getting a letter from the state saying they were filing a lien against me!!! HA!. I ended up just paying the state tax on one of my credit cards!

I bought the domain TaxincSCAM.com but I havent had the free time to put it up yet!!

These guys are crooks and liars.. they changed around the look of their site.. they took out a lot of their guarantees on it.. I noticed that, so I figured they must had made a lot of people mad. I want to be part of any kind of action against them 100%!!
Posted by bsarc9454 on 2008-01-31:
Please and me to your list. The story is the same for me. the took $4200 from me and have done nothing. I also talked with Julia Chung when she would answer my calls. She always seemed irritated that I would call. The IRS garnished my wages and I had to get it stop by asking for an extention to pay. Taxinc still hasn't done anything. Never contacted me in anyway. I do not have alot of money but I would also like these people stopped. I have contacted the BBB. Taxinc responed saying it was all my fault as usual. They totally lied in their response to the BBB. When I called the IRS, they said that Taxinc never contacted them. This company has caused me and my family much anguish. The IRS has garnished 90% of my wages. This is hard with 5 children in the house.

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