Universal Hair Studios Complaint - Want My Money Back Payment for treatment

Review by pigletpooh on 2007-05-06
17-Aw. Front Street
Lillington, NC 27546

Hi my name is Dominique. I went to this salon, May 4 2007. I saw the salon from the widow seem very nice. Therefore, me and my friend Beth and Jessica went there. I got out of the car in I ask ladies can she give me a relaxer she ok if you just want a relaxes and your hair wrap ok that find with me.

She was very friendly talking whit my friend about here shop our she was going just about open here in lillngton. How she need stylist me and my friend in school for cosmetology. Therefore, my friend had left to go back to class. Therefore, got in the salon I sat down in her salon chair, she kept going on how my hair was so healthy. She bases my hair the scalp. I ask her what kind of relaxer she use she reply ” It not the relaxes the person who apply the relaxer to cause hair breakage.”

Then I said ok’ she started to put on my relaxer to hair while she was applying the relaxes to my head we stated to about the past salon we work in ‘I told her I work at studio 10 and hair cutterey. Therefore, Trillis manager stylist told me few salons she works end come too find out she had worked and the same shop I had work in. So I told her my relaxer was burn little bit so she took me to the sink was the realer out.

While Trillis was washing the perm out she, notice there was few spot that did not relaxes. Therefore, she continues talking about past salon and her salon, she got now. She sits under the dry with the scalp with moisture treatment about 15min. After 15min was up she wash, my hair out then gave me a roller set sat under dry about 30min.why I was under the dry she show me little jerwely she had made. I got up from the dry whit the roller set told her my hair was dry. Trillis took out the roller wrap my hair sat under the dry 30min. While another of her client was getting, is hair done? She finishes her other client and my wrap was done.

Trillis comb it out in flatiron my hair. Was happy I gave $40.00 and schedule another point for the Wed 08,2007 she gave her me card to pass out to other people and ask do I want to work there I told her I would let her know. The next day I had to go school one I my friend Sarah was short a sing off she need to graduate sold said yeah you can give me a conditioner treatment. So we got the sum treatment she put on my hair then wash it out ask she was going to blow dry, my hair she notice that it was few short piece around edges was gone.
So ask my instructor what should I do so we check the hold head all my edge was gone. So she told me put a protein treatment on the hair in call the person you got her done. 10:00 through 10:30 I call her about 5-time left her message to call me answer. Therefore, I went to the breakroom to get me a snack because I was mad like hell.

So I told my friend Sarah to put the protein on my hair here while she was doing that the ladies mother at the salon came too my school. So told her very nicely with my friend there that the relaxer broke my hair out ‘she told my hair was already like that before came then told her my hair was not like that I told when I came there. You said I have very heathly now you said it was already broke like that. “ Then I told here was in two-hair show competition and took first place for both hairs shows for health hair. ‘ Then she going to tell my friend that she putting another relaxer in my.

I said this is not a relaxes it protein treatment. Therefore, we went down there to my teacher stead of taking to me mother go to talk to the teacher talking about 30-year exp. Little thing like that my teacher she not loud to talk about this. While the ladies still was trying to scout some of our stylist.

Therefore, the teacher gave me the number to NC State board of cosmetology. Then went too work with treatment still in the hair call her angin I got her brother he told call her cell telephone. So told girl who been doing my hair for awhile to pick up the telephone so be both had a telephone listening I told her relaxes. You broke off my hair “she reply that I been in this business 16year didn’t broke off your here was already broke she continue talk and said mother said she saw you girl was giving another relaxer that why my here broke.”

I said Trillis that lied that was protein treatment she curse going ask I want my money back. Therefore, I call NC State Board of Cosmetology on her. She told me she is open sat 9am-8: 30pm. When you left here you were happy now you not yeah because you broke my hair off. Thank you bye. SAT afternoon at 8:01 went by their with my sister after work trillis was not there like said she would be there. She do not want to give me my money back because broke off my hair that not even all of it. I Guess that was my graduation gift.
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Posted by Chica82 on 2007-05-07:
English, please...
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-05-07:
Honestly couldn't read your post...

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