The Honrable Judge Carlton, Senior Judge, Ft. Myers, Fl Complaint - What is this judge thinking of?? And we pay him for this??

Review by Anonymous on 2002-04-22
FT. MYERS, INDIANA -- He may be ordered to go work at the animal shelter every weekend—that may be it."
—Judge Carlton, on his upcoming sentencing of Scott Herrin

When Scott Herrin, his wife, Leeah Shepherdson, and friend Bobbie Condon photographed their gruesome crime in February 2001, they didn’t expect the Walgreen’s photo lab to alert authorities. Herrin—annoyed by the cat’s meowing and according to his own testimony—cut her throat and "mangled" her with a steak knife while a fourth party took photographs. During her interview with authorities, Shepherdson claimed that the cat was frantically struggling or, in her words, "thrashing around" during the attack and that Herrin reached for the steak knife only when a machete proved to be too dull to kill the cat. Photographs depict not only the attack but the butchered carcass suspended from a shower rail, with a blood-spattered Shepherdson and Condon "mugging" for the camera. The cat’s body was allegedly thrown into a community swimming pool.

Judge Carlton—agreeing with the defense attorney’s contention that it could not be shown that the cat had been cruelly killed—threw out felony charges filed by prosecutors, and Herrin, Shepherdson, and Condon were allowed to plead guilty to misdemeanor animal abuse.

Sentencing for Scott Herrin and Leeah Shepherdson is tentatively scheduled for late April, and Judge Carlton has already demonstrated his soft stance on animal abuse by downgrading their charges and by suggesting that Herrin should pay his debt to society by working in an animal shelter.

Please send polite* letters to the judge, urging him to hand down the maximum sentence possible, including a thorough psychological evaluation, for the sake of the animals and the community at large (see HelpingAnimals.com). Urge him also to prohibit the aforementioned individuals from owning or harboring animals, and remind him that sentencing an animal abuser to work in an animal shelter is equivalent to putting a child abuser in a day-care center.

The Honorable Judge Carlton, Senior Judge
Senior Judges’ Office
Lee County Justice Center Complex
1700 Monroe St.
Fort Myers, FL 33901
Tel.: 239-335-2251
Fax: 239-335-2387
E-Mail: Missi2299@ca.cjis20.org (Judge Carlton’s assistant)

*Please refrain from sending angry or verbally abusive letters are counterproductive!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-04-22:
How horrible! What gives people more rights than other animals on this planet. This is disgusting behavior that only shows how little our society has grown from the stone ages. If a person was killed this way, the man would die in an electric chair. But because the victim was a species that does not speak our language, suddenly this torturous murder is not so bad. Unbelieveable.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-04-22:
I am outraged and disgusted!
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-04-22:
I disagree. I see Humans as being above the animals. Because of that we have a greater duty to treat them humanely. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a vegan or anything, I believe that animals should be used for food, clothing and such. But this is just plain sick behavior and should have been punished far above what sentence he actually recieved.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-04-22:
Disgusting, absolutly disgusting. A jail sentence is the only appropriate response to such acts and let there be a lesson learned for others who treat living creatures, with scientific proof they(cats) have feelings, with such contempt.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-08-01:
That sentence makes about as much sense as suspending students for skipping class. How many animal shelter animals do you think he'll torture?

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