Mail Boxes Etc., Inc. Informative - Unbelievable customer treatment at MBE

Review by hampcb on 2007-05-09
CARY, NORTH CAROLINA -- Our local Mail Boxes Etc., Inc. (The UPS store) has an incredible policy that apparently the parent company hasn't a problem with, if you aren't spending a lot of money with them they make you wait repeatedly in line or ignore you. Those that they make money on get preferential treatment! We have seen this pattern over a long period of time. I have written the company about this and they haven't even responded! I sent the last letter certified mail.

This is off the MBE website:
The Customer Relations Department is committed to providing "World Class Customer Service" to our franchise family and retail customers. We will listen with respect, use sound judgment and respond in a positive and timely manner to our customers' needs. We are committed to providing personalized and professional solutions while supporting our core values.
A ridiculous statement in my experience!
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-05-09:
Posted by hampcb on 2007-05-10:
I am the original poster, let me explain further. We used this UPS store over a period of several years. In this store the proprietor maintains a group of customers he caters to that tend to spend a lot of money with him per month. This first group gets instant service when they come in, friendly service, no hassle treatment.
The other group are those who don’t spend a lot of money with him, those who I believe he thinks, are just wasting his time. These people come in to buy a stamp, ship a package that is ready to go (that is not being shipped by him), or are using inexpensive services, making one copy, ect.
This last group will be made to wait in line while the first group is served, even if the person in the last group was there first, the store proprietor will be rude and demeaning, he made my wife wait for no reason when she had kids in the car several times. He will find a reason to reject your prepaid package, tell you that you don’t know how to ship it, I had to just take my package to the other UPS store miles away who took it without waiting or problem after he rejected it. When you take you prepaid package in you wait in line until he is done with everything else he has to do, then he will carefully inspect, weigh, measure your package, no other shipping service does this. We didn’t even realize others didn’t do this until we had to start going elsewhere.
I think his plan is to hassle the non-productive customers enough to get rid of them, and massage the productive customers. An effective money making plan but not very moral.
Like I said in the post the most amazing thing is I have explained this story to Mail Boxes ect. (The UPS store) several times and haven’t even gotten a response!
Posted by LennyGuy on 2007-05-10:
If you keep getting such poor service why do you keep going back?
Posted by hampcb on 2007-05-10:
From poster: We didn't even realize what was going on until we pieced it together, it was a gradual thing. This store is walking distance from our house so it is natural to use it. It wasn't until we saw the great service to all at other stores that we hit our heads and realized that something wrong was going on at our store.
Hard to explain though unless you've been there, store manager is rude, well you think maybe he is having a bad day, benefit of the doubt. It took some time before we both thought we had figured it out. Of course now we drive some distance to another store (Postnet, where they are top notch by the way, and I’ll bet I haven’t spent $40 there in 9 months) and haven’t been back since we figured out what was happening. I ship a fair amount of packages form home, one or two a week. I prepare them at home and have them ready to go, I just drop them off.

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