Blockbuster Video - Gardena Complaint - Rental Returns via Drop Box

Review by mhcolon on 2002-04-22
GARDENA, CALIFORNIA -- Renters Beware of Using Drop Box for Returns!

On April 6, 2002, I rented 2 DVDs and 1 PS2 Game from the Blockbuster Store located at 1701 W. Redondo Beach Blvd. in Gardena. Like everyone else pressed for time, I used the exterior drop box to return the DVDs prior to their 2nd day due time, and I returned the PS2 game at 11:41 am on the day it was due (April 11th).

On April 18th, I come home and find a pre-recorded message on my answering machine from Blockbuster regarding an outstanding rental, stating I should call the store as soon as possible. I immediately called the store and spoke to an Assistant Manager named Maria. I told her that the game was returned the morning of its due date. She put me on hold and I assume, proceeded to look for the game in the store. Two minutes later, she got back on the phone only to tell me that they couldn't find the tape anywhere. So I asked her what I needed to do to resolve this issue, as I do not have the game in my possession since I had already returned it. She suggested I call back the following day (Friday), when Chris, the manager, is on duty, between 5pm - 12 pm.

I called back the following day (as now I get a Blockbuster notice in the mail that is marked "Please Respond by April 21, 2002"), and spoke to Ben, explained to him my situation and asked if Chris was the only one who could resolve it. He said, yes, but told me Chris didn't come in today. He suggested I call back again on Saturday, April 20th, between 5pm - 10pm as Chris should be in by then. I finally got a hold of Chris on Saturday, and was told that he'd look for the tape himself, and ask that I call him back on Monday between 10am - 5pm.

At 10:55 am on April 22nd, I called and spoke to Chris who told he he'd found the tape. I then asked him how the return process works, as this is the third time I had this problem. He stated that the barcode on the game was damaged, causing it to improperly scan. He never apologized for thier mistake.

Now, I'm sure you're asking why I continued to rent from them after having experienced their screw-ups the second time. I called myself giving them three chances to redeem themselves; and up until this incident, I thought they did! Well, was I mistaken!!!

I have now cancelled my Blockbuster account and vowed NEVER to rent from them again, even if it meant travelling to the next city to go to Wherehouse!

To all you existing Blockbuster members, make sure you GO INTO THE STORE AND HAVE A CLERK PROPERLY SCAN ANY RETURNS YOU HAVE (warning: they will tell you to "just drop it off in the return slot!") so you don't have to go through the aggravation I went through to clear my account.

Thanks for your time!

Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2003-02-19
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-08-28:
Good Grief!! I'd be simply delighted that they had found the cartridge, given you a reasonable explanation - and they seemed to try to assist in every way! Sour puss!
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-02-19:
Well, I have to side with the customer on this one. They should have done everything possible to find the missing video before they ever contacted the customer. Blockbuster laid blame on her before they checked themselves.

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