Turn Key Home Builders Complaint - More Like Turn Screw Home Builders

Review by coachtomes on 2007-05-12
PORT ST. LUCIE, FLORIDA -- No matter what it takes, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT buy a home from this godforsaken joke of a company.

I could write a small novel about how dysfunctional this company is, and it's so bad, I don't know whether to tell you that they are incompetent or evil, or both. I can summarize my experience with this company in one sentence though, that should explain how stupid Myura and his bumbling crew are:

"Turn Key sold me a house plan and a lot, and the plan they sold me did not fit on the lot, that they sold me."

Yeah, since we got the lot from them, they kind of should have known what the dimensions were. Oops. That's a problem.

Well, at least they're quick with a solution and easy to deal with, right?


23 months and the house is still not done. It took 17 monts to break ground after we signed a contrat in July of 2005. Now, the work is halted because sub-contractors are not being paid. There is only two weeks of work left.

Well, at least the owner of the company is accessible, right?


They have changed office policies and now they try to require you to have an appointment before you go to see them, and he's rarely in the office. He won't return calls or emails, and we've tried to meet him but he's just always so darn elusive.

It's funny too....they haven't been too late in making draws from the loan, but subcontractors are not getting paid. Sounds like fraud to me, but then again, I'm no expert. So, we go to the experts with it.

I hope to god that anyone who even thinks about buying a home from Turn Key Home Builders Inc or Anthony Myura, thinks long and hard before they risk going through what we went through and are still going through. The only thing that will turn if you go with them, is your life upside down, the screw in your back, and their tails as the cowards hide from their mistakes.
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Posted by dfields on 2007-05-13:
have you contacted your State Attorney for advise? keep us posted!
Posted by coachtomes on 2007-05-13:
It's been hard to find out what we should do next. Some of this has just broken in the last few days. I can't find what to do online, at least laid out explicitly. We're meeting with an attorney soon, but I'd like to see some stuff start sooner rather than later. I will keep it posted on here.
Posted by dfields on 2007-05-15:
i hope you get resolution fast! am i understanding you correctly when you say you have to have a scheduled meeting to meet with anyone at this company? if so, that is BS and they are avoiding you. i bet the company is having financial difficulty (debts) and they are eluding customers. let us know what you find out. good luck!

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