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Review by MeHa07 on 2007-05-15
NATIONAL -- I merely want to complain after going through some severe frustration and to warn others against the same problem.

I ordered a flower bouquet and plush bear for my
mother for Mother's Day on 5/10/07 to be delivered on 5/12/07 from Hallmark.com. When I placed the order I received an order confirmation and a thank you for my order.

End of story one would think. Why wouldn't I be under the assumption that my order was received? I thought it was a little odd that I didn't receive anything via email but should there be a problem they have my email address, right? Surely they would let me know there was a problem processing my order, wouldn't they?

My mother never received anything for Mother's Day. She lives 2,000 miles away. She didn't get a thing. I had an aching feeling when I asked her if she received my gift for her. No, not a thing. I felt absolutely horrible.

I looked up the order online to see if there was a problem and received, "There was a problem retrieving your order information. Please try again at another

Then I called. They couldn't find my order.
Interesting. How can they resolve? They could re-send the order which wouldn't get to my mother until 5/22/07. Originally they would have managed to get the order turned around in two days. Now it would take over a week? Seriously? Hallmark made the mistake yet didn't try to compensate for their error at all?

They made it out to be my fault because I didn't get an email confirmation. Apparently placing my order and receiving an order confirmation page with my order number doesn't mean my order was placed and confirmed. Apparently they need to be reminded that you ordered something from them after you order something from them if you don't receive an email confirmation. You need to confirm with them that they didn't confirm with you after they confirmed with you. Does that make sense? No. I didn't think so.

After the Hallmark.com customer service supervisor resolved that it was my fault for not getting an email confirmation, the only apology I received was, "I'm sorry you didn't understand the process."

I even tested "the process" after all of this to see if I was missing something. To see if it said
somewhere that if I didn't receive an email
confirmation the order may not have been placed.
Unless it was in the finest of print I didn't miss a thing. The only thing I missed was a gift to my mom for Mother's Day.

So in a nutshell do not rely on Hallmark.com for any major holiday gift-giving. You will be sorely

Sorely disappointed,
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Posted by adzidek on 2007-05-15:
MeHa07, I'm sorry your mom didn't get her gift - it's a damn shame. I can relate to the feeling. But she'll get over it, and you will too - after all, it's just a gift; it's the thought that counts.

On a separate note, it's nice to see someone who is very upset, who is still able to post a calm, collected, intelligent review. Thanks for the heads-up about Hallmark.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-05-15:
Actually, it make prefectly good sense to me that you should receive an e-mail confirmation when placing an order. Just because your screen shows the order went thru, that doesn't mean there wasn't an error somewhere along the way. PLUS, their own website says you should receive an email within 30 minutes or else consider your order NOT placed.
Posted by runaway on 2007-05-15:
Call a local florist! You don't want flowers that have been shipped! They are days older than fresh ones from a local florist (and florists usually can include stuffed animals if you place your order early enough). And a good area florist will a) know the delivery area, making it easier to delivery on time, b) be able to call if they can't deliver (no one home)and c) have a number you can call (and easily reach someone) if there is a problem, or to check on the order status and d) you don't pay extra for shipping "fees", so you can spend more on a gorgeous bouquet for a loved one!

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