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Review by tlc9313 on 2007-05-15
FOLLY BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- We stayed at Holiday Inn at Folly Beach (AKA Charleston on the Beach) What a beautiful setting on the Beach, beautiful landscaped, has it's own pier, Restaurants and everything. I must tell you that this was the biggest disappointment of our lives as far as a weekend get away. The first night of our stay was a absolute nightmare for us. We were woken up at 2:30 am by someone beating on our door and screaming to the top of there lungs. We were in fear for our lives for a short time until we found out it was drunk party goers from one of the many bars on the way to the hotel. We called the front desk and they sent up a security guard who was the guy we saw earlier that evening taking out the garbage. I guess in slow season they kinda combine jobs or something. Needless to stay our next day was shot from lack of sleep. So pretty much of our 3 day Vac was gone. We were never compensated for not even that one night. I wouldn't recommend this Hotel to anyone. It's very poorly run with inexperienced staff and not the cleanest rooms I've every stayed in and it's way over priced (Restaurant and Hotel. What a waste of beautiful property.
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Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-05-15:
You should have open the door and beat up the drunk. Then put him on an elevator. Then gone back to sleep.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-05-15:
no HOTEL can stop a drunk partygoer from baging on a guests door. It can happen at Holiday Inn, The Four Seasons and everywhere in-between. And they sent a secuirty guard right up to handle the situation. What else do you want them to do for you? It was essentially harmless.
Posted by Sarah May on 2007-05-15:
Perhaps the security guard saw that there was garbage to be taken out and did it? He apparently did his job in getting loud people away from your door, so why does it matter what else he does with his time? I don't think that was a very nice thing to say.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-15:
It's not the hotel's fault that the person got drunk. They did send someone up to take care of it, I bet you were just trying to get a free night because of something they can't control. Also maybe the security guard was supposed to take out the garbage, maybe the garbage was from the security office. You sound like someone that is ungrateful and hard to please, no matter what is done to help you
Posted by Michael Ables on 2007-05-23:
Hi tlc

Sorry kido but I agree with everyone who posted before me.

FYI beach hotels are expensive because they require more upkeep due to salt-air. The price is allso high because they are open year round but most properties on the beach only make profit for 3 months. The rest of the year eats the profit. Its too bad they can't close seasonally. I don't think the brands will let them. Plus it would be too hard to hire staff.

Chef Mike

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