ESPN Complaint - ESPN False Statements

Review by Starlord on 2007-05-16
ESPN has a site that has blogs where fans can voice their concerns. I hate basketball, having been born and raised in Indiana, where it is known as "Hoosier Hysteria." I attempted to register for the website, to voice my opinion on the ridiculous suspensions given the Suns.

Amare Stoudemire said the Spurs were a dirty team, and seeing some footage, I must agree with him. I saw the malicious, intentional body check Horry gave Steve Nash. When I heard that Horry was only given a 2 game suspension, but that two Suns players were suspended for one game each, for the unforgiveable sin of stepping away from the bench when a fellow player is viciously fouled and sent spinning into the scorer's table. Horry should have been suspended for the rest of the post-season, and the suspensions against the Suns players should be rescinded.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-16:
Where is the false statement you are complaining about? And what does ESPN have to do with player suspensions?
Posted by S on 2007-05-16:
Yeah I'm not quite sure where ESPN comes into all of this. If anything, it sounds like your complaint is against the NBA.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-05-16:
You seem quite upset over this for someone that "hates basketball".
Posted by Justusryan on 2007-05-16:
These are the useless posts we are always talking about.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-05-16:
I attempted to sign on with an ESPN blog site to voice my opinion. My attempted registration was refused with no reason. This was after 3 tries. Hugh, I happen to live in Arizona, and I consider it normal to feel upset when your team is given the shaft. And for justusryan, my post is a lot more useful than any I have seen you post. I have the right to voice my opinion, and my opinion is every bit as valuable as yours is. I didn't see where M3C appointed you as the usefullness police.
Posted by runaway on 2007-05-16:
Let me get this state in your letter you HATE basketball, yet you are upset you couldn't get onto a blog site to talk
Posted by Starlord on 2007-05-16:
runaway, I live in Arizona, and Arizona's team is in the playoffs, and suffered an injustice. Duh-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!!
If there was an Arizona driver in NASCAR that was in the points chase, I'd be supporting him, too, even if I don't follow NASCAR. I supppoorted the Rattlers when they were in the Arena Football Playoffs, and I am lukewarm on football. Of course I have been a D'Backs fan since the announcement was made the team was coming. One just supports the home team, regardless of the sport.
Posted by D. on 2007-05-24:
Starlord...I also hate Basketball...the season never seems to end...just like NASCAR, the race that never ends! This world would get along just fine without either of them!
Posted by Starlord on 2007-05-25:
Thank you, DB. I am rather cool on NASCAR, but I like other forms of racing that do not involve animals. I like Indy car (IRL), NHRA dragsters, airplane races and jet boats. Here is a joke for you. Do you know what NASCAR really stands for?

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