TahoeSales1938 Complaint - Worst eBay Experience EVER!!!

Review by pisceandelusions on 2007-05-22
RENO, NEVADA -- This guy is a real piece of work. I've contacted him time and time and again, and never heard anything until I threatened filing a dispute claim. Then he says he had been writing back and I must not have been getting his emails, which is a lie, I've been on the internet for 15 years, it's my business and I know I didn't get his emails, he never sent them. So then he tells me another few days till it will be shipped and will send a tracking number. I have to contact him several more times to get a tracking number that was supposed to be for UPS and didn't work, I tried it on USPS also and it didn't work there either. He told me I'd have it last Friday or Monday at the latest, it's Monday and it still didn't show up. He also never got back to me during repeated attempts to contact him about the tracking number not working. I am extremely disappointed. After finally filing a dispute, I received a tracking number that works. I think it's ridiculous to have to file a dispute in order to get an item shipped. I still haven't received it yet either, and judging by this guy's attitude, I'm wondering what kind of merchandise I'm going to end up receiving.
Comments:3 Replies - Latest reply on 2007-05-30
Posted by Starlord on 2007-05-28:
ebay has a policy for handling complaints about not getting what you pay for. Have you availed yourself of this service? They do not want shoddy businesses risking the collapse of ebay, and will help you resolve the matter.
Posted by pisceandelusions on 2007-05-29:
I filed a dispute through ebay and finally received a tracking number. This was after a long and lengthy ordeal of trying to get the guy to tell me anything at all, since I hadn't heard a word from him since the purchase.

So yes, the dispute process helped me to get the tracking number finally. But I have yet to receive the shipment, which is now almost 2 full weeks late. So even if I do get the shipment, I am still a victim of an extreme delay in shipping of the products I ordered and expected to receive in a timely manner. And who knows what kind of quality product I'm going to receive after all of this.

So basically, even if ebay and the dispute process makes things right eventually, in the meantime I'm still getting screwed.
Posted by pisceandelusions on 2007-05-30:
Ok, so the merchandise finally arrived... I have to admit, I may have overreacted a bit here... I was extemely displeased with the lack of communication as well as the delay in the shipping... However, I'm willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt now, maybe I somehow didn't get his email, whatever, the lack of communication sucked but may not have been his fault.

Over a week late isn't too good but after I received the merchandise today and everything is in excellent working order, I feel much better.

I suppose the service still could have been a little better, but at least I finally received it and it works great.

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