Two Bunch Palms Complaint - All-inclusive package was not inlcusive

Review by Anonymous on 2002-04-30
DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA -- On April 7, 2002, A friend and I went to Two Bunch Palms for a three-night stay. The Gold package that we purchased (@$1080 per night for the two of us) was to include six one-hour spa treatments each. The literature clearly states that the treatments were one-hour spa treatments. We purchased what we thought was an “all inclusive” spa package. On several occasions the person behind the counter told us not to worry about it . . . they would cover it! So, we were led to believe that they would not charge us for any additional charges incurred. When I returned home from my trip I received additional spa charges in the amount of $315 ~ which were applied to my credit card but not authorized. I was charged $415 for treatments that were supposed to be covered in the Gold package.
We decided to leave the spa one night early because I was unable to sleep because of the rats that were in the heating vent By going to the spa we had wanted to relax . . . and I didn’t sleep for two nights. After the first night of no sleep I went to the office to tell them of the problem and his response was “There’s nothing we can do about it . .. “
We did realized that because we were checking out one night early we would be only be entitled to 4 treatments each – not six. Upon checking out the manager asked us if we could come back in 15 minutes because he wanted to check with the spa to see if we owed anything in addition to what he has listed on our incidental bill. This was a shock to us! When we returned to the office 15 minutes later I found out that I was being charged an additional $100. I paid it. (I still have no idea what the $100 charge entailed) I was not happy about it . . . because the literature does not state that you will be charged . . . my understanding was that this was an all-inclusive package – for $1080 a night it should be.
So, you can imagine my surprise when after returning home a few days later to find I was being charged an additional $315!! One of the charges was for a hot stone treatment that I was charged $165 and another $45.00 . . . How can this be when they are only $165! In total I was charged an additional $415 . . . for an all-inclusive package.
I have contacted Two Bunch Palms regarding this discrepancy and what they tell me is they calculate the spa treatments by the hour . . . and that we were not entitled to four one-hour treatments as their literature clearly states . . . but were entitled to four hours of treatments.
Here are some of the quotes from correspondence I have received from Two Bunch Palms
In an email dated April 30 (it was actually April 23) they don’t even know the date??
“I am happy, however, to be able to report that our research and its supporting documentation clearly demonstrates that neither you or your friend were charged for any goods and/or services that you did not receive. You paid only for what you got!” Jay Ramstead – General Manager
At this point they had provided no supporting documentation. When they did send it didn’t make any sense.
April 25, 2002
“On packages we give an $85.00 credit toward a treatment over 1 hour. The extra charge is then due upon the guest . . . (there is nothing else after this).
An $85.00 credit? This was the first I have heard of this . . . where do they apply the credit?? I have no credit anywhere for $85.00.
April 25, 2002
“After looking at the bill with a fine tooth comb, I did come across that on the package you were only credited with 3 ½ hours treatments . . . Sorry for the inconvenience.”
Now they admit there is an error . . . in the previous correspondence they said that we were not charged for any goods and/or services we did not get . . .
This is wrong. We were overcharged for services that were supposed to be included in our packages.
Some quotes from their brochure and website
Resort and Spa packages include Per Person Per Night
The number of Meals and Spa Treatments included per person are based on the number of nights stayed (not the number of hours used)
2 one-hour spa treatments with Silver or Gold package (we purchased the Gold)
Package Prices – Per Person, Per Night
No where in the terms and conditions does it say that there are few treatments under 1-hour. Nor does it say that you will be charged additionally for any treatments that they feel go over the hourly limit they have set. We purchased this spa package because we were led to believe that it was all inclusive – 2 treatments – per night per person.

What we had hoped would be a relaxing vacation has turned into a nightmare ~ between losing sleep over the rats and being charged unauthorized charges on my credit card.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-05-01:
Glad you enjoyed your visit. Is there anything else we can do for you!
Posted by KateM on 2005-08-18:
Whats? with ?all the random question? marks?

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