Michaels Toyota at Bellevue, WA Complaint - Making the Customer Fool

Review by rockvista on 2007-05-23
BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON -- I had worst experience of my lifetime with Michaels Toyota at Bellevue, WA while purchasing Life's first CAR, and you know how much excited the person would be at that.

I went to showroom to deal for a used car, but everything the sales lady showed me was not up to my budget, I came back and later sent her a mail stating the amount I can offer explicitly that ONLY REVERT IF YOU THINK YOU CAN DEAL, and also mentioned that I can not afford anything beyond what I quoted.... To this she contacted me back on mail and on phone saying that YES they can deal with a margin of $20-30 more to what I made an offer, I repeatedly iterated about the price so that when I go there to deal I should not waste my time, to which she said no we can definitely make it happen. I trusted TOYOTA and took her words and upon reaching there I again asked that IS PRICE LOCKED? after getting her YES, went ahead and SAT to finalize the deal, and to my Surprised She came with her manager with the same old amount they quoted, and upon showing my surprise (I got after so many iterations) he also started backing up and not only said that they can not deal rather saying that if I raise my voice they can throw us out of the dealership, I am not sure what kind of sales team they have and humiliated us with saying that you are the first customer to come for 2-3 times to there dealership and showed as if he is doing any favor and I took all this lightly, it was most disgusting event in my life.

I just thought to share my experience with others that DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME GOING THERE or AT LEAST CONSCIENCE.
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Posted by Justusryan on 2007-05-23:
Posted by runaway on 2007-05-23:
calm down and add more info, this doesn't make sense.
Posted by ShadyPines on 2007-05-24:
Rockvista, it seems as if English is not your native language. That in itself may have contributed to multiple misunderstandings on both sides of this issue. I found it quite difficult to follow your narrative and many of your words were used inaccurately.

It also sounds to me as if you were fairly aggressive in your approach to the sales person. It is not your right to be sold a car that fits your budget; the dealership may not have had something that fit your situation. Emailing the woman after two visits and then telling her to "only reply if you think you can deal," smacks of antagonism on your part. Perhaps being concerned about unfair treatment due to age, ethnicity, language proficiency, or other issues caused you to act more belligerently than necessary.

That being said, there is no excuse for a dealership reinforcing negative, stereotypical "car sales" behavior. If indeed you were assured a specific payment for a specific car, (assuming all the details had been discussed beforehand, including the down payment, loan schedule and percentage, your age, credit rating and experience, etc.), the agreement should have been upheld. I'm sure most people have experienced the infuriating and old "This is the payment I would give you, but I have to get approval from my manager," line. You may not realize how often this happens to a person buying a car.

I'm sure you were very excited about buying your first car. It's hard not to understand why everyone else would not be as thrilled as you are about it. Maybe in your excitement you came across a bit more forceful than you intended, and that may have fueled a more defensive reaction on behalf of the sales people. Sometimes acting more relaxed about vehicle buying can result in a more satisfying deal for the buyer. Good luck on your next attempt to find a car that fits your budget.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-05-24:
I think I sorta followed your story. If you are going shopping with a payment in mind, please don't do this. Dealers love "payment buyers" because people are so concerned with the payment that they will agree to about anything they throw at you as long as the payment is low. Go to your bank and talk with them - tell them how much you want to pay per month and how long you want to make payments and they can tell you how much money you will have to deal with. Bargain for your new car with this number in mind. It also allows you the freedom to shop the cars for sale by owners - there are some good deals to be had there - just have a trusted mechanic check them out first. Best of luck.
Posted by James on 2007-05-24:
I understand your story completely,even if your language is not native English. You were about to be hooked into a typical car salesman pitch. Hope you did not get stung!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-24:
Hugh, that was one of the best comments I've seen on here. Good job!

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