Creative Technology Ltd. Complaint - Great Product, Minus Essential Component = Not-so-Hot

Review by grotos27 on 2007-05-26
I actually have little to complain about with this product. None of this proprietary iTunes garbage to upload and I have complete control as to how the files are organized on the drive. I didn’t realize it at the time of purchase, but the FM Radio and Dictaphone features are an awesome touch. All in all this is a SUPERIOR product to those ubiquitous, crappy iPods.

The trade off: they have such a small market-share so parts are hard to find. The Vision: M connects to, well, everything via a long, multi-pin plug, much like an iPod. You must use a “sync adaptor” (SA) to recharge or upload the device. If you lose it—see my Delta Air Lines review—you are SOL for a while. No one sells these things. In fact, every time I see a Vision: M on display at, say, Best Buy, someone’s ganked the SA.

To get one you have to write Creative Labs. They then must submit a letter of intent to Bureau of the Treasury so an employee may enter Fort Knox—where I presume they keep all their SAs—and fulfill your order. Upon congressional approval, you may expect to wait 6 to 8 weeks before you can again recharge and add content to your player.

Obviously I made that bit up. But how ludicrous is it to make the most essential part of the product effectively unavailable in the retail channel? Answer: very. If I lose the thing, I want a new one ASAP. Had I purchased a ubiquitous, crappy iPod, I could practically get a charger at a 7-11 at 2am.

I did find a charger at Staples, of all places, but it came without the SA. I’m sorry, but for $30, I didn’t anticipate getting only a 12V adaptor. Totally useless. Those things go for about $5 at Radio Shack. Does Creative Labs actually hate people who buy the Vision: M? Sorry guys, you developed, what should be a superior product, now support it.
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Posted by Brandon Starr on 2009-02-20:
You should always go with a player that has a standard mini-USB port for maximum compatability. I've always done my best to stick to them. You can get it back to chargingif you just have a friend with the right kind of cellphone charger. In my opinion, I believe every small electronic device shold use mini-USB. It would help compatability between all players, cellphones, PDAs, computers; pretty much anything you can think of.

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