Kendal's Hallmark Complaint - Nickel and Dime your Customers

Review by happy_girl on 2007-05-26
JACKSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I was in the Kendal's Hallmark in Jacksonville, NC on Mother's Day. I spent almost $90.00 on items for the Mom's in my life. Two of the items were fragile. I was told that did not have boxes. I said that was fine if they could wrap them in tissue paper. The employee started wrapping the item in this ugly, packing paper material. In the meantime the other employee had rung up my purchases and I had paid. Back to the wrapper: Again I ask for tissue paper. Her response was "We normally charge .10 cents a sheet." I ignored her and asked her again (her response was not as polite as it looks on here). I asked again and she did oblige. By the time I left the store I was fuming. I spend $90 and they couldn't wrap my items in a couple pieces of tissue paper. The manager called me back the next day and told me that they do this because the owner requires them to. To the owner I say shame on you! I can go in a Hallmark store and spend $200 in 30 minutes, I love this store. I will not go to a Kendal's Hallmark every again, the all do the same thing. Kendal's Hallmark is near Old Navy in Jacksonville as well as the the Jacksonville Mall. There is also one in Wilmington. If you want to avoid them I would call one you know and ask where their other locations are. On a better not the Greenville Hallmark near Barnes & Noble is amazing. The store is beautiful, the staff is wonderful, and they give you tissue paper to package items you buy!

PS I am a 10 year retail veteran so I do know a thing or two about the bottom line in business. Bottom Line: a little tissue paper isn't going to kill you!
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Posted by Demonoid Phenomenon on 2007-05-26:
I've never understood customers who come in and spend gobs of money and then haggle over something like a dime or two.
And please don't give me that "It's the principal" line.
Posted by happy_girl on 2007-05-28:
I won't stop going to hallmark, I just won't go to Kendall's anymore. And yes DP, it is the principal. The owner of Kendall's has to acknowledge that even though he owns a couple of Hallmarks, it is important to build a positive reputation with his customers. If I want to spend "gobs of money" that is my choice, I earn the bucks. But again I will take my money and my business to a retailer that appreciates it. If tissue paper was so expensive then why does every other Hallmark I have shopped at use it to wrap items for customers? Furthermore if he is so concerned with the cost of the tissue paper then he should figure that into the operational cost of the store. I am sure that the problem lies with the customers who took advantage of the tissue paper used to wrap and his costs exceeded his budget. If that was the issue (which I am really pushing it here) he needs to limit the number of sheets used in the wrapping of purchased items. Either way it is your choice to shop there. I doubt that a store like Hallmark will have its business effected by this issue but the last Hallmark store I shopped at that didn't seem to value their customers went out of business. I fine that interesting considering that Hallmark is a huge cooperation with million dollar revenues each year (regardless if it is franchised).

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