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Review by tessam on 2007-05-26
At first when i heard the story i couldn't believe it. a friend of mine went to a repair shop in town and was going back after the item he repaired was "fixed". it wasn't fixed so my friend went back. my friend said the owner was a little condescending, so the next day my friend had another friend go to the shop to pick up said item and find out what was wrong with the item. the shop owner became upset asking my other friend why they were there. were they there to try and save my first friend? was he there to scare the owner? the answer to this is no, the second friend just thought maybe our first friend was exaggerating about his attitude. well this friend left without the item after the shop owner came around the counter, there is no reason for confrontations. the next morning my friend had to go get the item from the shop and took 2 other friends. the clerk behind the counter was (different person from owner) asked us how can he help us and my friend asked for her item and while the first clerk was looking for the item, the owner of the shop came out from a back room and said oh its the whiner and slammed item down on the counter and said they didn't work on the item. get out of my store he started to yell. well my first friend grabbed the item and ran out of the store crying. the other 2 friends just stood there with their mouths wide open, couldn't believe this owner was rude right off the bat. when the owner turned to the friends and asked snottily are you with (my friend)? then the other 2 friends were trying to leave still not believing that the friends were not exaggerating about this owners attitude. as the friends were leaving the owner was behind them trying to push them out of the store like a bully. the friends were trying to keep him from touching them and to keep from falling over the items he had at the back of the store by the door, that most customers the owner was still yelling and screaming one of the friends called 911, neither friend was in any condition to drive and the one has health conditions that might have caused more problems. when the police showed up the friends gave their statements and the officer said he would go in and talk to the owner. when the owner came out waving his hands and stating that he wanted my friends off his property because they were not wanted. the police on the phone had told my friends to stay there and to keep the doors locked and windows up until the police came. when the man came out, one of the friends was so scared they hid behind the officer. now after the officer talked to my friends he told them they could leave and told my friends they could go. he was in the store for no more than a few moments when he came out again and said that the owner wanted to charge my friends with trespassing. the officer did take their information, but didn't understand why this man was being like this. i'm not sure if they will get a ticket or something in the mail about this incident, but i just wanted to ask others about whether or not they have had bad experiences with business owners? and what have you done to make the bad feelings that you may have towards them go away? its not like the someone can be arrested for being rude and foolish

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