Cimarron Complaint - Clinically Insane Guy Left In Charge!

Review by Anonymous on 2002-05-04
SILVERDALE, WASHINGTON -- Who hired the guy at the front desk? I can't imaging anyone with a functional brain making such a decision. I was attending a convention and told to go to this hotel because this is where my room had been reserved.
"Hi, I'm Jane Doe with OutHouse Falls Nebraska Community College?"
"Oh, yes. You're with that group - that feller there called me and said you'd be here. I have a list here, is your name on it?"
"Uh, yeah. There it is. So, uh, do I get a key?"
"Well, I...don't...know...what's your room number?"
"I don't know....do you have a room for me?"
"Well, see, the problem is, I can't give you a key if you don't know your room number."
"I just got here. I came in here to check in. I don't have a room number yet."
The phone rings. He waves me away and answers it and tells the caller, that yes, he has lots of rooms and just come on down and he'll get them situated.
"So, that's good news, eh? Can...I...get a key now?"
"well, now, let's see...there was some people here that came from the Poplars Motel across the street."
"So....do I still have a room?"
"Well I..don't..know...what's your room number?"
This went on for quite some time. If the phone rang, the guy ignored me and then would wander around, scratching himself and mumbling until I was able to get his attention. Then it would start all over again.
Meanwhile people are coming into the lobby to check in, watching this interaction, laughing hysterically, and walking out the door. Asking for a manager would only confuse him more. I was in a strange place and supposedly had a room reserved and paid for here and was terrifed that I would sleep in my car that night because the other hotels were full. Luckily they weren't and the guy at the Poplars had functioning mental faculties (kudos to the Poplars!)

As all this went on, the lobby would fill up with people and the guy would keep talking in circles and messing with phones. I was surprised that someone in a higher authority didn't peek in to check things out. Was he there alone? Is everyone there insane?

Normally I'm the kind of person who will let things slide. This was just plain bizarre. How many customers will the Cimarron Hotel lose before someone who has a shred of sanity shows their face around there? I will tell everyone about this experience. If nothing else, it's a good story.
Comments:5 Replies - Latest reply on 2002-05-12
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-05-06:
Although I feel your pain, this letter is great! Thanks for posting it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-05-06:
Are you sure you weren't on "Candid Camera"?
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-05-06:
Actually, one of the other people in the lobby made that very same comment...
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-05-10:
That is just beyond weird....
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-05-12:
As an employee of a major hotel chain, I can assure you that this not SOP. Did you request to speak to this Norman Bates superior or what? Why did you continue this little dance? Apparently you came upon this individual during some kind of psychotic episode. This must have been scary. Next time seek out someone who knows, because this one didn't.

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