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Review by Thieves-Liars-& Fraud on 2007-06-01
LAKE FOREST, CALIFORNIA -- I moved from Ca to Tx and hired Terry Moving and Storage. My belongings were in storage for several months before the company moved my stuff to Tx. When my stuff arrived and I was unpacking I noticed that the boxes had been gone through and items were missing; 80+ music CD¹s, 20+ DVD¹s, small kitchen appliances, kitchen utensils, mens dress clothing. When I first informed Terry of the missing items he said he would try and replace the missing things.

At the same time as this was going on I had previously referred Terry Moving and Storage to my parents who were also moving to Tx.

Once the company had moved my parents things I never heard from him again. He did not return any of my phone calls. Just recently my parents had their furniture delivered from Terry's company and have estimated their loss at $30,000.

My father is missing landscaping equipment, custom carpentry woodworking tools, professional sport fishing reels and poles and the list goes on. The company had broke open locks, took off hinges and went through pretty much everything and took whatever they wanted.

Some of these tools my dad has had since he was a teenager and was planning to hand these things down to his grandchildren. My dad makes his living by carpentry work. My dad is 62 yrs old and has a heart condition and this situation has put him in a deep depression.

Terry and his storage manager Mark gave me three different stories on what happened to my parents stuff, when I called Terry and asked him to explain why I've been given different stories. Terry's response to my dad's feelings and the stories..."Get over it, just fill out the insurance form, you can always buy new items", "I'm done with you, don't call me again".I have been in contact with Terry trying to sort his whole thing out but Terry has told me and my parents that he no longer wants to hear about it, do not call him again, it is only personal belongings that an be replaced and to just fill out the insurance form.

The other day I tried to call him to find out the status of him looking into this mess and all he did was hang up on me. Terry did send my parents an insurance form but it looked a little weird so they showed it to their insurance company and they advised my parents not to sign it.

This man is a thief and a liar, he should not be in business.
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Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-06-01:
Posted by MRM on 2007-06-01:
Take them to small claims court.
Posted by adzidek on 2007-06-01:
I don't think you can take take $30,000 to small claims court.
Posted by Sarah May on 2007-06-01:
SMALL CLAIMS. Right away! And file a complaint with the BBB and the FTC.
Posted by adzidek on 2007-06-01:
Sarah, I'm pretty sure you can't take $30,000 to small claims; you need to get the police involved, as it is considered grand theft at this point.
Posted by Sarah May on 2007-06-01:
You're absolutely right, adzidek. Sorry about that. Although the small claims limit varies from state to state, they all seem to be well under $30,000. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-01:
adzidek is right and so are you Sarah but that is enough to take them to a real court. In most states over $10,000.00 is a felony. You should talk to a lawyer soon!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-01:
It's $500.00 out here I think. You would file in District court and it is a civil matter unless you can prove they took the items. As with most businesses you have to check references.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-01:
Stand your ground.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-01:
Just an FYI, California Small Claims has a $5000.00 limit. Or you can go to Superior Court on the fast track program, no limit's but you need to see if your case qualifies.

I am not to far from Lake Forest if I can help you out, send me an email from my blog.
Posted by P.ness on 2007-06-01:
If it were me, I'd pay them a personal visit . Pay me now or pay me later. Your gonna pay me ! I know, I know sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do !
Posted by Thieves-Liars-& Fraud on 2007-06-02:

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