Kahlo Chrysler Dealership Complaint - Brake Repair

Review by Brakes on 2007-06-02
KNIGHTSTOWN, INDIANA -- I took my 97 Plymouth Breeze in Aug 2006 for brake repair because the brakes were making a grinding noise. They charged me 486.00 and said the brake system was fixed. I took it back in March 2007 (7 months later)because of the same noise and they charged me 361.00 for the same work they did in August and said the brake system is fixed. I took it back in April 2006 because the brakes broke up and fluid was everywhere, they took it in and charged me 150.00 and said my brakes were fixed. I took it back in again on the first week of May 2007 because the brakes were grinding again and they said they fixed it. About 3 weeks later the brakes were grinding again. I took it back and they were going to charge me again. I told them no I was not going to pay any more money on the brakes and that they should have fixed it right the first time I brought it back. They told me that I needed to bring the loaner back and pick up my car and we should part ways. My car still needs work done on the bakes before I can drive it. I have spent 993.00 in 7 months to Kahlo and they refuse to stand by their work. I have wrote them letters sent them all the bills and no one will get back with me. Now I have to hire someone else to fix my brakes and it will cost me again. No Hello to Kahlo
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Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-06-02:
I take my car to the local Firestone for brake work and they do a good job. Dealer is too expensive for brake work. And are you sure your "grinding noise" isn't brake squeal?
Posted by Brakes on 2007-06-02:
My front brakes were "clinking" when I hit a bump and my back breaks were scraping. Each time I took it in they said I needed drums, shoes, pads, cylinders, springs and etc. Each time I paid for what they said I needed. I know new brakes sometimes squeak but this is a rubbing scraping (like metal against metal) noise in the back and a clinking noise in the front when I hit a bump.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-06-02:
I fix my own brakes. New brake pads on the front just consist of compressing the caliper to remove the old brakes. On the new brakes pads the mechanic must take sandpaper to the new brake pads in order for it to grab onto the rotor properly. Take about 15-20 minute per wheel.

No way I would let a dealer or garage do my brakes. They will rip you off big time.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-06-03:
I just love working on disc brakes, they are so easy. I agree, I would not go to a dealer. Tip: when you take brake pads or shoes out of the box, cover the friction material with masking tape. This will prevent inadvertently getting grease or oil from your hands on the most important part of the brakes. When rear brake shoes are in place, or before you install pads on disc brakes, go over the friction material (after removing the tape) lightly with 100 sandpaper, just enough to provide a good 'tooth' for the material to seat in properly.

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