After Hours Formal Wear Complaint - Terrible Customer Service

Review by unitycandle on 2007-06-03
CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA -- Stay away from After Hours Formal Wear unless you like to be treated like dirt. I was measured for a tux 3 months before a wedding. The clerk never informed me of the measurements she recorded. Since they are suppose to be the "experts" I just assumed the clerk was competent enough to measure me correctly. This past Thursday, I went to pick up my tux for Saturday's wedding and found out the clerk measured me for a 42 waist. I am only a 36 waist. The pants looked like balloon pants from the 1980s. The store manager of the Carolina Mall After Hours in Concord, NC was rude and showed absolutely no care or concern for the mistake. She never apologized. I questioned about the clerk not letting me know the size measurements and the store manager very roughly replied it was not After Hours policy to do that. I asked for a small monetary adjustment and she replied it was not After Hours policy to make adjustments to orders. I told the manager I would contact her boss to share my concerns and she VERY sarcastically replied oh I'll write his name and number down for you to call. When I got to my car I used my cell to call. The operator at the main office said the extension and name I was given was wrong. The store manager obviously gave me wrong contact information. I called back in a few minutes to lodge a complaint with the customer service department. but I only got a voicemail to leave a message. The box was full so I could not leave a message. I was disconnected. What kind of customer service is that? I called back and the operator transferred me to customer relations. Again, I only got a voicemail but this time I was able to leave a message. About three hours later a very rude lady called me back identifying herself as a customer service rep from After Hours. I instantly realized this lady was not interested in hearing my concerns or terrible experience in the local store in Concord, NC. She simply insisted on telling me how she felt I should feel in all of this mess. She seemed to gain great enjoyment from arguing with me. I even asked her about the policy on letting customers know the measurements recorded at the time of fitting. She also stated that letting customers know their measurements was against After Hours policy. Why? In my case, I could have avoided this whole mess if I had known the clerk put me down as a 42 waist. Anyway, this so-called customer service rep did not apologize to me either. I was just floored at the poor customer service I was receiving from the "experts" in the tuxedo rental industry. Finally, I was tired of arguing and trying to explain my concerns. The customer service rep agreed to "drop ship" the correct tux pants to my wedding location. I was to be very busy with wedding stuff and could not drive to a local After Hours to pick up pants. I found it interesting that the rep told me that the store manager should have offered this to me because drop shipping correct tux pieces was standard and common. #1, the store manager at the Carolina Mall After Hours was NOT about to go the extra mile and drop ship me anything; and #2, looking back, if drop shipping correct tux pieces is so common that means After Hours makes A LOT of mistakes. (HUGE red flag!)The rep promised me she could overnight the correct pants and I would receive them before the wedding. I specifically had people in place to be there to accept any package for me in case a signature was required. The pants NEVER arrived as promised. The wedding is over and I had to stand with the wedding party looking like a whale in my balloon pants. I was humiliated and embarrassed. After Hours showed absolutely NO heart, NO concern, No care, and No apologies for the mistake they made. I have NEVER received worse treatment. After Hours lied to me and violated my trust in them as "leaders" in the tux business. I work very hard for my money and since my business is of no concern or care to After Hours, I am demanding a full refund of the business I gave them, which totalled $309.53. I will NEVER do business with them again and urge others to follow suit.
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Posted by adzidek on 2007-06-04:
That's a truly terrible experience. I feel for you - there's nothing worse than a screw-up on a wedding day. I hope you get your money back. On a more positive note, though, I like how you ended your post (...and urge others to follow "suit".)
Posted by Sarah May on 2007-06-04:
Speaking of suits, my fiancé purchased a suit for our wedding, rather than renting a tux. It costs about the same as renting a tux, you can have it tailored to fit you and wear it again, too. I'd totally recommend going that route to anyone having a wedding. I'm really sorry for your experience. Thanks for the review.
Posted by adzidek on 2007-06-04:
I agree with you - if you're going to drop $300 on a tux rental, you might as well buy a nice suit. Personally, my tux rental was only about $100, so I rented. Hey, Sarah May, I like how you took the time to get an "e" with an accent aigu to spell "fiancé" - A+ for effort!! :)
Posted by Sarah May on 2007-06-04:
Haha, yeah I'm a tad OCD at times. Kudos to you for knowing that it's called an "accent aigu"!
Posted by unitycandle on 2007-06-07:
horrible experience!!
Posted by belc0011 on 2007-06-10:
We have had nothing but horrible experiences with After Hours. At my husband's wedding, they tried to give his tux to a guy half his size and height and give him his groomsman's tux, they screwed up sizes and colors, nothing was ready when it was supposed to, pretty much everything you'd expect from After Hours. To top everything off, he was just in his friend's wedding and had to get a tux through after hours. We live in AZ and the wedding was in MN, so he was told it would be fine to pick up his tux here in AZ and drop it off in MN after the wedding. We dropped it off the day after the wedding in MN and we asked the girl if we were done and she said "yep, you're all set." Apparently she was supposed to give us a receipt and she didn't, and she apparently didn't scan it in and tell the other store they had received it, because now we're getting collections letters and they're trying to charge us for the tux we already returned!! And when I called the store about it they refused to call the store that day and at least verify that the description of the girl we gave matches the girl who was scheduled that day because "they're busy." WORST COMPANY EVER!!!!!!! NEVER EVER EVER EVER USE THEM OR YOU WILL REGRE IT!!!!
Posted by D. on 2007-06-10:
Belc...LOL...it just thought it was funny that you would say, "At my husband's wedding"...instead of, "At my (or our) wedding"...but I'm sorry you had to go through that ... I wasn't laughing at your situation, just the way you stated it, struck me funny for some reason. I hope everything worked out for "your husband's" wedding.
Posted by vader1013 on 2007-12-16:
There are quite a few holes in this story. The manager of that store is not/ was not a female. There is not a company policy against sharing measurements with a customer- in fact, measurements are clearly printed on every customer receipt.
Every store has a supply of pants in store that they can use to correct any mistakes.
Pickup/ final fitting days are scheduled for Thursdays to allow for any minor corrections that need to be done. Correcting a pants size is simple.
I don't know why there weren't any pants in the store to allow for an immediate correction, just as i don't know why on Thursday your schedule would be so packed that no one could possibly stop back by the store and quickly pick up a pair of pants.
There are quite a few holes in this "report" which lead me to believe that there is more to this customer's story than they are revealing.
Anyone who has ever worked even one day of retail has encountered difficult customers who exaggerate circumstances and who on occasion flat out lie.
Case in point- again, all measurements are written on a customer's receipt. The claim that there is a company policy against this practice is an out and out lie.
Take this ranting and raving post for what it is worth.
Posted by MICKEY133 on 2008-10-05:

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