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Review by taylersmom8980 on 2007-06-04
HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA -- I was appalled at the type of customer service... or lack there of, that I was given by these two companies ( Four Points Van Lines and Moving Experts) I feel obligated to let the general public know of the blatant unethical practices that seem to be somewhat of a regular occurrence for these two companies!

I was preparing to move from Georgia to Utah in May of 2007. I started to prepare for the move during late March/ early April. I had checked into several different types of moving trucks (U-Haul, Peneske, and Budget ECT.) I had been given what I thought was a fair enough price and had originally planned to pack my things myself and drive (high insight is 20/20) After visiting several moving websites my co-workers suggested that it may be easier to get a moving company. several companies called from all over the United States, all of them sounded similar. I had settled to go with the Moving Experts. The young man on the phone seemed very helpful and appeared to have my best interest at heart. On the phone he had ask me about the things that I would be moving, When I talked to the agent he told me that he had only listed the big items and that we still had 800 pounds to add. He said that he was sure she could get everything I had within that weight. I was concerned because I did not want to have additional charges and expenses. He assured me that all would be good. We would not encounter additional charges. He had over estimated the weight of the items he had listed. He said in reality I had at least another 1,000 pounds to use. I called a couple of more times to talk about specific things because only a few things were listed on the contract. I wanted to make sure that things were okay. I called to list the 2 TVs, additional boxes and coffee/end tables. I was told again that it would come in under the 2,000 pounds. I talked to the agent twice. It was the same one we talked with initially.

The pick-up dates were listed as May 23/24

May 22 8:00 am Eastern time I received at phone call from 4 Points telling her they were on their way. They would be at her house in about 90 minutes. I told him that I still had to wrap some things, specifically mattress/box springs. He said he would be there in 90 minutes. I told him that the pick-up date was supposed to be May 23 the next day.

He said he was in Atlanta and he was on his way. He said his schedule from 4 Points told him that he was to pick it up on May 22, that day. It was on his contract that he had received.

He arrived in a Budget rental truck with other items in the truck. He immediately told me that I had about a 1,000 more pounds than he had listed, which did not include the TVs, pictures, or end tables. He refused to take the pictures and one of the TVs and stereo because there was no room in his truck.

He stated "I am willing to make a cash deal of $500" “Is $500 more okay with you? I believe I am making you a more than fair deal.”

I told the driver I was going to follow him to the weigh station. The driver told me that I could not. He said the weigh station was 80 to 100 miles away and it would be impossible for me to follow him. He did not give me an address or location for the weigh station. He said I would receive a receipt with that information on it.

The driver told my mother and me to stop talking to the movers even though they sat at my house for about an hour without loading anything. They were taking a break, chatting, smoking, etc. As they started to load the items he told me he was going to charge her extra for the things that were not properly packed. It did not matter that he came a day earlier than we had written on our contract. The extra package for the TV was a box cut in half and taped.

The driver refused to take all the items because he did not have room and they were not on the inventory list.

The driver then told me that I had to pay a mandatory gratuity that could only be paid by cash with a minimum amount of $45. I paid him $50 because I did not have any $5 bills

I called 4 Points. I got the number from the driver. I was transferred twice and told that a manager would call me back. No one called.

We arrived in Utah about 5:30 Mountain Time Sunday May 28th. I checked her voice messages. There were no messages from any moving company. The home phone which was also listed for contact had no messages. The caller ID did not have any calls and neither did the voice mail.

Since Monday was a holiday were not sure of the business status. We waited until May 30th to call –because we were told the truck would be in Utah by then. On the receipt the driver advised it would be here in 7 days and listed May 23 as the first available date for delivery.

We called Moving Experts; she was going to find out where the truck was with my stuff and call us back. We have not heard from Moving Experts yet.

On May 20th I had a voice mail from 4 Points to call them. Four Points told us that they had left a voice message on Sunday to call them. The voice message was left sometime after 6 pm Mountain time on Sunday. It might have been Monday or Tuesday. We have no way of knowing. My home phone was never contracted by anyone. As I said we have voice mail and caller ID to check incoming calls.

Four points told us on the speaker phone that it is against the law for a driver to accept any gratuity. They would check that out. They also said the 3 rolls of tape and TV packing were $51. The items were not shipped because the 30% was not paid and the $600 extra weight charge. They told me if we had it weighed in Utah that I would have to pay $90 per hour for the truck to be weighed unloaded at the delivery site and weighed again. Travel time would be charged at the rate of $90 per hour. They also told me that the $600 was not that much money. Verifying the weight would cost me that much even if the weight was under the 2,000 pound limit.

We have made several calls to both the Moving Experts and Four Point Van Lines; neither of them seems to know where my things are!
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Posted by adzidek on 2007-06-04:
OMG, that sounds like an absolute nightmare. If it were me, I probably would have turned him away if he was a day early, and definitely would have turned him away if he wanted a "special cash deal" or "mandatory cash gratuity". I sincerely hope you get everything resolved, and get all your stuff back.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-06-04:
Wait until you get your hands on your items before you provoke them too much more - it seems to be a popular tactic these days for movers to hold your goods hostage until you cough up an extra grand or more in "incidental" charges.
Posted by smith23dj on 2007-06-12:
My sister-in-law just used this company during the same time period and had a horrifying experience also...she wasn't aware of the cash on delivery policy and had to borrow money after she had been reasured that credit cards were accepted as payment! To say this company is bad is a drastic overstatement.
Posted by ale on 2007-06-18:
we used this company and we were VERY HAPPY with the excellent service they provided, they showed with uniforms in a company truck and were very respectfull & fast.

thank you Four Points Van Lines

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