Success System Complaint - Deceptive Advertising

Review by Bek 150 on 2007-06-04
OREM, UTAH -- I tried to do my homework, and made inquiries to the Oregon Attorney General and Better Business Bureaus before purchasing 6 'Mrs Field’s Cookie Vending Machines' from [name removed] of Portland Oregon, who at the time was using the company name Success System as the only authorized Sales Rep for these machines.

I made the mistake of wiring the funds to [name removed]. The fact that he didn’t accept credit cards and wanted full payment before I received the machines should have been my signal to walk away.

After the funds were wired, [name removed] put me in touch with [name removed] of Pro Plastics, the manufacturer in Orem, UT, because of shipping delays. After getting [name removed] contact info and doing some more homework, I discovered that someone had previously filed a complaint against him and his company with the Utah Better Business Bureau.

After I finally received the machines, I discovered that very vital information about these machines had not been disclosed to me. Disposable plastic clamshells unique to the machine are necessary for the machine to dispense cookies or anything else. Each cookie has to be manually inserted into one of these disposable clamshells before being loaded into the machine.

This is a very time consuming task that adds considerable expense. If this vital information had been disclosed I would not have purchased the machines. Deceptively selling the machines without this information is the only way that these machines can possibly be sold.

After discovering this, I received verbal and written assurances from [name removed] that Mrs. Fields cookies will be supplied to me by him, already loaded into the clamshells and ready to sell.

However, he did not respond to my phone calls indicating that I was ready to place my order for a steady supply of the product. He ignored my request for a written and detailed Purchase Order showing his commitment to provide me the cookies loaded into the clamshells on a regular basis.

As for [name removed], all my communication with him has been verbal. After I got the machines and came to the realization that I had been deceived by [name removed], [name removed] acted surprised. But I have spoken to another unfortunate gentleman from New York who previous to me had the same experience as I did with these machines and individuals, so I know that [name removed] is well aware of and a party to the deceptive advertising done by [name removed].

[name removed] told me he could sell me the clamshells, but not with the cookies stuffed into them. He said he may be able to help me find a source for the cookies. So when I finally gave up on [name removed] coming through for me, I left a message on [name removed] machine, and also emailed him, asking for a Purchase Order for a steady supply of the clamshells, and also for help to find cookies.

I also asked that he provide a written statement showing that he will no longer approve [name removed] as authorized distributor of the machines due to his deceptive advertising. [name removed] did not respond.

So that’s when I filed a complaint with several consumer agencies, and resigned myself to losing the money rather than spending thousands more to sue from across the country. I also posted a complaint on Rip Off Report:

After posting this complaint, suddenly the next day, [name removed] was able to call me back, to threaten suing me for that posting. He has not posted a refute on Rip Off Report, and I haven’t heard from him since. As for the possibility of [name removed] winning a lawsuit against me, my lawyer says that the truth is always the best defense.

Without a reliable and steady supply of the disposable plastic clamshells, the vending machines are inoperable, and so therefore I have fraudulently been sold worthless vending machines. Likewise, I can not in all honesty re-sell these machines to anyone else, because I have no trustworthy source for the necessary plastic clamshells.

In the process of resolving these issues, I discovered the additional deception that [name removed] and these vending machines are not approved by the Mrs. Fields Brands company. I was told by [name removed] that if I tried to order Mrs. Fields cookies myself, my order would be denied by any Mrs. Fields wholesale distributor if I disclose that I will be selling them by vending machine.

I contacted the Mrs. Fields company regarding this situation, and within a week, [name removed] website that I had originally responded to, with the Mrs. Fields logo plastered all over it, was taken down. The other cheated gentleman that I had spoken with had responded to a newspaper classified ad that also featured the Mrs. Field’s Cookies brand.

So buyer beware! Don’t do business with [name removed] and any business name he may be using right now. And don’t buy these vending machines unless you want to spend hours each week loading them with product. If you want a photo of the machines, email me, and I’ll forward it to you.

I was deceived by these individuals that I gave close to $8K to. I will not be able to get that money back without risking thousands more for a cross-country lawsuit. So I’d like to at least try to warn others about these machines and the individuals I dealt with.

I will continue to post this experience on as many scam and fraud platforms as I can find, until I receive a full refund from [name removed]. I will be happy to return the useless machines to receive the refund, if they pay for their return shipping in advance.
Comments:3 Replies - Latest reply on 2007-06-06
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-06-05:
I really like Mrs. Field's cookies
Posted by poppapia on 2007-06-05:
Sorry for your situation, but if you would have put half as much time into researching this "business opportunity" before you committed as you did afterwards, you wouldn't be in this situation.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-06:
You should go and find [name removed] and kick his butt! I mean really Mr.[name removed] cannot even put his [name removed] on this product! What a world, by [name removed].

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