Dane County Movers (Madison, WI) Complaint - Failure to provide services

Review by chriscione on 2007-06-05
MADISON, WISCONSIN -- Sometime in the beginning of May, I contacted Dane County Movers in Madison, Wisconsin and scheduled a move for Saturday, June 2. I was told that two employees would arrive at my home on that day between 10:00 and 10:30 am and was given confirmation number C2174127.

On the morning of June 2, the day of the scheduled appointment, no one showed at my apartment at the aforementioned time. After waiting an additional thirty minutes, I called the office at 11:00 am and left a voicemail message relaying the situation. At noon, a full 90 minutes after the original arrival time and 60 minutes after leaving a voicemail, I again phoned the office. On this occasion, a gentleman answered and I explained my situation. He asked for my confirmation number, which I didn't have at the time (I had inadvertently packed the information). He then searched with my name and address and informed me that I was nowhere in his system. I reiterated the fact that I had made an appointment some weeks ago and that I needed the service today. He told me that "there was nothing [he] 'could' do" on that day or the next (Sunday) and that the earliest he could schedule a move was Monday, June 4. After bantering back and forth, with my repeating my request for services and his repeating that he "couldn't" do anything, I finally asked to speak to a manager. At this point, he informed me that he was a co-partner (Paul?). Incredulous that a business owner would be so cavalier about such a mistake on the company's behalf and his unwillingness to rectify the situation, I asked if he had no intent of accommodating me. He again stated that he would not move me until Monday. Due to the company's carelessness or negligence, I asked that I be given a discount when services were completed, to which he stated, "I NEVER cut my prices. If you're not going to pay 100%, then I'm canceling your [Monday] appointment right now."

After finding my confirmation number later in the day, I again called the business and gave this information. This same gentleman indicated that my confirmation number was in the "correct format" but was nowhere in this system. I asked how it was possible to have received a confirmation number but to not be in the system, to which he could offer no explanation. I again requested that he send movers that day or the next. Once again, he refused. At that point, I ended the conversation. To say that I was shocked is an understatement. I have never encountered a business owner so blasé over such an egregious mistake and so unwilling to make accommodations. Fortunately, I was able to contract another company to complete the move that day. While it cost me more money, it was certainly worth it. The people were courteous and professional.

I provided this information as a simple caveat. As the co-partner himself declared, "We have the cheapest rates in town." Another example that cheapest is rarely, if ever, best.
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Posted by adzidek on 2007-06-05:
Great post!
Posted by runaway on 2007-06-05:
Always, always, always, get references from people you know and trust before choosing a mover. You are entrusting these strangers with your often-irreplaceble items; would you allow a person off the street access to your family heirlooms?! Considering their concern over your business before they had your items, you dodged a bullet!
Posted by chriscione on 2007-06-05:
You are absolutely correct. Lesson learned.

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