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Review by KCKING on 2007-06-07
MICHIGAN -- I have had the most unpleasant experience dealing with Metlife. I had an auto accident while going to school out of state. Since then they refused to renew my insurance when it came due, though initially telling me I could renew. Regarding the accident - now they want the entire settlement for any medical costs incurred, which they were under the terms of the contract to pay anyway. I am not sure what I was paying for, since I could have done everything out of pocket and been further ahead than paying for this insurance.

To say they have been unhelpful is an understatement. They don't disclose on their website that they want reimbursement for medical expenses - their advertising says they will cover medical costs. It is shady and underhanded.
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2007-06-07:
MOre details? Who caused the accident, you or someone else? How much damage was done? Who paid the medical bills? You, your health insurance or another person's auto coverage?
Posted by grandma005 on 2007-06-07:
Almost all auto insurance company require for to repay them if you collect money from the other person's insurance. Only if the accident was your fault do you not have to pay. Insurance company do not like paying out money for medical expenses. They either will raise your rates or cancel your policy. Your regular health insurance does not want to pay either. In most cases they will deny paying for auto accidents. You have to get a form from your insurance saying that you were not covered for medical insurance. Even then they probably will not pay. It is a catch 22-nobody wants to pay. That's the way insurance company are.
Posted by Dedicated Reader on 2007-06-07:
I'm not sure, but it's sounds like you may be referring to a subrogation agreement. That's a state insurance regulation that you get your bills paid, but you don't get to profit off the claim.

Simply put, if your car is hit by another car and you go to the hospital and are charged $1000 by the hospital to treat your injuries, you can't get $1000 from your insurance and another $1000 from the insurance the other driver had.

All states have this as part of their insurance regulations. Imagine how many fake accidents there would be if you could collect on the same accident from two different insurances! All of our insurance premiums would be a lot more expensive than they are now.

If there's a liability limit, say the other driver had coverage with a maximum limit of $500. Then, your own coverage would cover up to the limit you had paid for, in this case an additional $500 to pay for the outstanding amount due from the hospital. You don't get to received the $500 dollars from the other insurance company and then $1000 from your own.

Did you receive any money from the other insurance company? If so, they have reported that to your insurance company and your insurance already knows how much you have received or what was paid out on your behalf to the hospital. If your insurance also paid out money on your behalf, you are required by law to reimburse them.

If you haven't reimbursed them, then that's the reason why they won't renew your insurance -- you owe them money. And since most states require car owners/drivers to have some kind of minimum insurance coverage, you may find yourself unable to drive because no insurance company will cover you.

Your medical bills were paid -- and that's all your insurance company promised to do. They didn't promise to let you drive up insurance costs for all the rest of us.

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