All Island Permits Expeditors Complaint - Expeditor- Service Not Provided!

Review by Pintsize on 2007-06-08
HOLBROOK, NEW YORK -- My husband and I are remodeling and adding an extension onto our home. We thought by getting an Expeditor it would help us with our short time frame.

We contact Vivian at “All Island Permits” (Holbrook, NY) in February 2007 to be the Expeditor on our project. We dropped off our plans on a Tuesday and per Vivian she was going to drop them off at the Town on that Thursday! We had to provide her with $275.00 upfront and a check made out to the Town but a blank amt box for her to fill in when the permits were ready. She stated that she would call the day when she wrote the check out.

Six weeks had passed when we contacted Vivian for the 1st time since dropping the plans off to her. It became obvious after several voicemails that Vivian lacked professionalism. It would take 3-4 VM's to finally get her to call us back. She said there were some issues but she took care of them. My husband asked her why she hadn't called us to let us know there were problems. She became very short with him on the phone and gave some lame excuse. This was the 1st week in May (Monday). Vivian went to the Town on that Wednesday and issued the check to the Town and the Town cashed it on that Friday. She never called us to let us know like she said she would! My husband called her that Monday to no avail. SHE refuses to call us back. I emailed Vivian that Tuesday (trying another method to reach her)! I put a return receipt and a read receipt on it. She NEVER even opened my email. So I faxed her a letter (3rd method of trying to reach her). NO response! I called her again on June 6, 2007 and left my FINAL message. I told her that it was extremely frustrating that I can not get a hold of her. I told her that I needed to know what stage the permits were in. I also stated that since I can not get in touch with her that I was going to go down to the Town myself (even thought this is what I am paying her for) to get information. I told her that if she wanted to speak to me b4 I went to the Town on 6/7/07 to call me. She never called! I wasn’t surprised. My husband went down to the Town where he was told that the plans were ONLY submitted in May. And that a letter was mailed out to Vivian on May 10th bc the paperwork she filled out was incorrect and she left out important information. We also found out that we needed to have a letter signed by my husband and notarized to have the permits in his name (no contractor needed we are doing the work ourselves).
From the time I gave Vivian my plans to the time she actually submitted them to the Town was 2 ½ months. BUT she was quick to cash the $275.00 that we gave her back in February. I am now in the process of putting everything in my name and taking this task on myself. Vivian at All Island Permits is unprofessional, a fraud and lacks respect for her customers.

If you are ever in the market for an Expediter please remember that ALL ISLAND PERMITS are not the ppl to handle your business!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-08:
She does sound very unprofessional,I wonder how some of these people stay in business.

Hope everything pans out for you,and your remodel
Posted by Skye on 2007-06-09:
I read your letter on Craigslist. I also hope it works out for you.
Posted by gemini5ct on 2007-09-14:
I am an expeditor as well; if you need any further assistance I can be reached at Accurate Expediting Services..my name is Christine...631-254-4327 I feel that communication is key as with any business.. I always return phone calls and feel that it is very professional to keep a good repore with clients. I am so sorry for your experience. I hope that you won't discourage people from using expeditors...as I know that I am one of the good ones. No disrespect to Vivian or anyone else I just have a great reputation with the towns and want to keep it. Thank you for putting your 3 cents in.
Posted by opangster on 2009-06-24:
I wish I saw this review before I hired Vivian. I also ran into trouble with her, and she took my money and did NOTHING. I filed a BBB complaint and hope they can help me, but I will take her to small claims court if it must be done. I even heard that many former clients complain to the town about her. Why is Vivian still in business? Why doesn't the town blacklist her? It is ridiculous that innocent people be subjected to this kind of unethical business practice. Can you believe she was going to charge $3000 for a service that only costs $675? I had to work directly with the gentleman and pay him directly his fee since Vivian failed to pay him. Now I need to get my money back that she has been holding onto for the past 4 months!

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