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Review by thomharris on 2007-06-12
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Global Internet Solutions is a hosting provider based in California. They have started taking over their clients domain names and will be more than happy to transfer it back to you for $ 500.00. This company will not answer phone calls to their 800 number, but if you are lucky enough to get their "priority support number" they answer it under several different names. I spoke to an "Austin" who has previously answered the phone as "Brian."

When I spoke to this individual, it was because I had not renewed my hosting account. I had chosen not to renew due to the theft of my domain name by the company. He not only said that they were going to continue to keep my name, but was going to "send my account to collections." When I told him that it was my choice if I wanted to continue to pay for the hosting (my hosting contract had been fulfilled), he told me that it was not my choice but theirs.

I am not looking for a resolution from this company as they are unreliable and will not keep their promises. This is an informative post to make sure that no one else does business with this company.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-12:
Thomharris, thanks for the information! Bill Gates probably runs them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-12:
I'm not familiar with web domains as I don't have one, but if GISOL is taking over client domain names, don't they have to provide you, the consumer, with the option to either continue doing business with them or opt out, free and clear? If they are threatening to send you to collections, I wouldn't stop seeking a resolution. Good luck.
Posted by phbill on 2007-06-20:
I just filed a complaint with the IC3 (which is the FBI related unit regarding internet crime) as well as the National fraud Bureau, the office of the attorney general of California and the district attorney of Los Angeles, because this company must to be shut down !!! more people file, more weight we will have and the autorities will investigate them . I believe it is a one man operated company, they move a lot, the adress where the company is registered is a private residence where a Mr. Lee is living and he never had anything to do with this company. The adress listed on their website (on Santa Monica Bvd) is a virtual office where they only retrieve their mail. All the phone number of this company are unlisted and caller id blocked. I managed to trace few of them with adresses attached to them but, some are disconnected, some have an answering machine on, and some have Madonna music on... The company is hiding and moving from one adress to another one so nobody can trace them (I should say "him", as every single phone contact I had was always with the same person who changes his name everyday to make believe there are 800 employees in the company... Voice recorded proved me it was the same person!!!) They only have 2 server and I believe they are from a very small size. so to keep the flow of money coming in, they eliminate already paid customer to make space for other future victim ! They have a "F" with the BBB , because they have close to 300 complaint against them. when you live outside the country, like myself also, you are more at risk to be their victim. However Here is what happen to me :
13 month ago I sign up for a 30 month package which include a "free domain" and a 1 year automatic domain renewal option. Last month I suddenly couldn't log into my website. I contacted them by email and they responded that my account was into redemtion and that the sales department was going to contact me. Which they did, by phone , the same day. The Gentleman who call me on my foreign cell phone certainly never expected my caller id picking up his number (as it is unlisted and caller id blocked..) but the number came on my screen. He told me that they made sevearl attempt to contact me to inform me that my domain was going to fall in redemtion (which is false, I checked with my email provider and none of GISOL email went throught their system..) and now I will have to pay $399.95 redemtion release fee and $9.95 to renew the domain. I questioned the fee, he told me that GISOL didn't get one penney of tis money and that it goes all to....ICANN !!! I needed my website as it was my professional tool so I call back the next day the number who was on my cell phone to pay. The guy was extremely surprise when he pick up the phone, he was the same than the one I spoke with the day before. He told me that my credit card will reflect two charges : one of $99.95 to the order of allindomain and on of $309.95 to the order of GISOL... and he hung up ! I contacted ICANN to have some explaination, was answered that my domain was registered with allindomain and that their fee was certainly $90 to release and $9.95 to renew, so I assume that GISOL just screewed me from $309.95. I sent an email to sales and admin, to question the fact I was billed that kind of money and the fact that I had a 1 year automatic domain renewal option and that they didn't respected it and let my domain go in redemtion. Their answer was just unprofessional, agressive and threatening: "WE TOLD YOU THAT WE DON"T GET ONE CENTS OF THAT MONEY !!! Do you want us to cancel your account ? Sales departement"
I told them to do not cancel my account, that they didn't responded to my question, therefor I was filing a complaint with the BBB. Next email from them was : "Your account has been suspended. Please contact the admin departement to discuss your suspension" I call the number, the guy made believe he never spoke with me and he didn't knew me, he told me that their system was in upgrading so he couldn't have access to the file, and to call back after 5pm pacific time. I did... their office was closed. I call back the next day, when the guy pick up he reconized my voice , he hung up! itried again it was of the hook, then tried again he hung up again, tried again had an answering machine, thired again few hour later : number has been disconnected. I contacted them,asking to reactivate immediatly and they send me another email saying :"we are whiling to continue working with you if you contact the BBB and tell them tha our issues have been resolved". I did it, I knew I shouldn't had but I really needed my site to work, so I send them the proof of it asking them to reactivate. They answered one week later :" decision have been made by our management to do not provide you service. We strongly recommend you to govern yourself accordingly and to use the service of a lawyer for future correspondance with us." I cannot transfer my domain as I found out they never registered it under my name on the first palce but under their name and that "they were renting it to me"(dixto).End of the story !!! I am disputing the charges on my credit card, as I paid for a service they choose to do not provide less than 24 hour after payment, and I filled complaint to the IC3 (which is the FBI related unit regarding internet crime) as well as the National fraud Bureau, the office of the attorney general of California and the district attorney of Los Angeles, the NFIC, webassure, econsumer,and FTC. I strongly recommend to anyone who's having problem with this company to do the same, as I said above, more there will be people filing, more the authorities will look into and investigate them.

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