New Century Air Systems Complaint - NCAS Uses Bait & Switch

Review by RedYeti on 2007-06-15
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- On April 23, 2007 I signed a contract to replace my home HVAC system with New Century Air Systems. The contract stated the system would be installed and 2 vents would be installed into what used to be the garage and is now a family room.

On Thursday, April 24, 2007, the New Century sent out a technician to check out the house to determine the job needs. He then told me that the vents for the garage would have to be installed with exposed ductwork outside of the house.

I contacted the sales person, Gary Weist, on April 25th and told him that this would not do and I was not going to have ductwork outside of the house. He told me that he would find out what he could do for me. When he called back he told me that New Century would do some other work that I wanted done at the same time for free instead of the vents.

I contacted 2 other contractors to see if this could be done and got quotes from both of them stating the work could be done without ductwork outside. I got these quotes on April 27th and April 30th. I called Gary Weist again and explained that other contractors could do the job, and he said that New Century could not without the exterior ductwork. I then let Gary know that I wanted the work done by one of the other contractors as they could do the work I was promised by New Century.

Needless to say, the 3 day right to rescission had passed by the time I had all of the information from New Century stating they could not do the work they promised. I was told that due to that fact, New Century would cancel the contract, but would not cancel the loan secured by the job through SMUD.

SMUD requires that the contractor contact them with a cancel order. If the contractor does not cancel the job, then SMUD will hold the loan for 60 days, during which time I cannot submit another loan with another contractor.

New Century left me no choice but to use them as summer is upon us and by the time the 60 day mark is expired, so will any of the rebates available through Trane, and getting a contractor to install HVAC in the middle of summer will be difficult at best, and much more expensive.

Because of this I called Gary Weist and told him to do another contract with a list of the ‘other work’ as well as any other changes and bring it over to sign. When he brought it I told him I wanted a complete list of ALL work that New Century intended to do, all listed in the contract. He became agitated and explained that he would write in ‘no extra charges’ instead and I told him I would have to fax the contract to my attorney to ensure I was not going to leave myself open to other ‘unknown’ charges, as New Century has proven to me so far that they are less than trustworthy.

He explained to me that he did not want to enter into a new contract with my since I was obviously going to be an unhappy customer no matter what they did, and he was right. He said he would contact Joe Worrell (the owner) and attempt to get New Century to release the job from SMUD so I could pursue another contractor. He left the house and about 2 hours later, he called telling me that not only would they not cancel the job with SMUD, but they would not be doing the work originally promised in the initial contract, telling me that New Century has no desire to do business with me.

Now I have no ability to hire another contractor through SMUD financing, the only option I have to finance this project right now, for 60 days. All I want is for New Century to release the job to SMUD so I can get the project done.

It is now 100 degrees during the day and I have no system. Avoid this outfit. I have heard other things about them, none good.
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Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-06-15:
What on earth is SMUD?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-15:
Sacramento Municipal Utilities District..
Its the electric company out in Sacramento
Like "SCE" for SoCal

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