Ford Town Of Albany Complaint - Always Check Your Paperwork

Review by fordstinks on 2007-06-15
ALBANY, GEORGIA -- On 4-21-2007 we purchased a 2204 ford expedition from ford town of albany. We purchased the extended warranty, but ask to pay cash so that it would not be included in our car payment. I never did receive my paper work for the extended warranty even though I called and inquired about it and also on one of my trips for repair service spoke with ms. Bruce as she is the ones that handles the warranties I am assuming... Who knows with ford town. She informed me all I needed to do was keep the piece of paper where I had bought it and when I came in for service they could pull it up. That is fine except what if I chose not to use them, she let me know they don't send out the paper work. I came home and called the company that we had bought the contract from and let them know I did not receive any paperwork. They did send me some and about 2 weeks ago I received it, didn't look at it just put it in my glove compartment for when I needed it. Well low and behold its a used car and I needed something fixed, hard to believe it when I have only had the car now a little over a month. Needless to say I took the car to the ford place here in sylvester and he brought it to my attention that we had a 200 dollar deductible for each time we used this.. To my amazement I was furious because no one told me anything about a 200 dollar deductible... Not one thing. So I immediately step outside of the ford place and called ford town (from my cell phone so I have record of it)after a long run around they finally got me to the young individual who sold me the policy opie is what they called him, better that what was going through my mind. He said there deductibles were 100 and 200, well hello what idot would choose 200 over 100, we were never given this option because if I would have been given an option I would not even have purchased the warranty. In my opinion it would not have been worth that..So today my husband went up the ford place and they brought out the paper work and showed him where he signed it, but hell so much paper work is thrown at you and you sign, the extended warranty person never fully explained all of this to us. I paid 1469 dollars cash for this policy so that it would not be in on our car, so they added it in on our car and put that we put a down payment so now we cant get our money back they are sending it to our finance company to put toward our car.. You ask me why am I angry.. This is my money they added it in so that they could collect tax on it and flat ripped us off. You may ask what I want.. I want my money back, right is right and wrong is wrong, the guy that sold us the policy should have to rework the agreement and give us our money back. Every individual I come in contact will know what crooks the ford town of albany is and if mr bob beard, george harris managers don't stand up and do the right thing I will try my best to warn consumers about there wrong doing and crookedness. I was warned about ford town and against my better judgment bought the car consumers should be warned about this. I will never buy from or recommend this company to anyone from florida to georgia and places in between I will spread the word.
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Posted by cadydid on 2007-06-17:
While I understand your frustration you have to take some responbility in this. You received the paperwork and just put it in your glove box? That regrettably is on you for not reading the paperwork before using it.
Posted by fordstinks on 2007-06-17:
While that is true. They did not tell us there would be a 200 dollar deductible. I had the same company with my honda and I only had a 50 dollar deductible. We were not given the option he just sorda picked it himself. My main maddness is that they wont give me back the 1500 dollars I paid in cash... they want to send it to the finance company. I did not finance this I paid for it, so therefore I feel it should be mine. I am sure that if you stood in my shoes and YOU paid 1500 dollars CASH, then that is what you would expect back. If you were honest you would say yes that is correct. I could care less what the paperwork says right now, I have barely had the car 1 month so I feel I should be intitled to MY cash back to ME. Think about it that way, you in my place with your cash. Its easy to sit and judge when its not your 1500 dollars.

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