International Fine Arts College Complaint - incompetance and inefficiency

Review by eshodan on 2002-05-28
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I write this letter only out of last resort. I have a number of grievances concerning International Fine Arts College (IFAC) that I feel my3cents.com and all potential students and parents should be aware of.

Seeking a career in the field of computer animation, I began the IFAC MFA in Computer Animation application process around August of last year. By December of last year, I had received a letter of acceptance, albeit a provisional acceptance under the former prerequisite program.

Suddenly and without any sort of warning, I learned by my own inquiry that the prerequisite program had been terminated. However, despite the change in the program, I was repeatedly assured that nothing had changed in regard to my acceptance into the College. In fact, the Director of Graduate Programs explained to me that the new changes
would only be beneficial, as they would mean that I could skip any prerequisites and continue directly into the MFA program.

Never once was I told that under the new program criteria, my application would be re-reviewed. Nevertheless, my application was re-reviewed and found wanting of the revised program guidelines. I was not notified of this until March 5th of this year. The Director of Graduate Programs informed me via phone of the re-review as a “favor” to me. I had already purchased plane tickets in order to tour IFAC over my Spring Break. Moreover though, I had also already invested a great deal of time and money into the program.

Unfortunately, the waste of my resources doesn't end there. Directed by the school, I sent a letter to IFAC on March 21st of this year requesting the refund that I was entitled to. Sixty-seven days, a dozen calls (several to the Dean of Education), and a letter to the school's president later, I still haven't received my refund. I never
received any sort of response to the letter of complaint that I sent to the President of IFAC. The IFAC Administration/Bureaucracy has set a new standard in incompetence and inefficiency. I only hope that they are not representative of the school's professors, however, I fear that they are. Check out these web resources for additional information: http://www.studentsreview.com/FL/IFAC.html &
http://www.teacherreviews.com/myschool.asp?school_ID=487. I would appreciate any additional information or links concerning the school. My e-mail address is eshodan@hotmail.com.

I have since decided that IFAC is not a place that is suitable for my academic needs. In truth, I doubt that IFAC is capable of benefiting any aspiring animator. I require a school that treats its applicants and students ethically and professionally. I require a school that has a long-standing, stable, successful computer animation program. I
suspect that in its brief history, IFAC's MFA in Computer Animation Program never achieved significant success. In fact, the aforementioned program restructuring was initiated because of complaints from the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, IFAC's accrediting organization. Also, if you visit www.ifac.edu, you will notice that none of the student galleries are accessible. When I questioned the lack of
online student work, I was told that the students at the school were probably merely too busy to create websites. I currently work in the Web Design Industry. Anyone can create a simple website with a minimal investment of time, and there is probably no easier or effective way of self-promotion. At any rate, IFAC has exhausted my considerable patience. I write this letter of complaint in order to warn other would-be IFAC students. I advise anyone considering the MFA in computer animation to reconsider based upon the school's lack of organization and poor track record. If you do apply to IFAC, apply to other schools as well to save yourself some potential grief. International Fine Arts College is located in Miami, Florida. IFAC staff can be reached at 1 800 225-9023.

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