Walt Michaels Complaint - Don't buy from them - Jacked up the agreed upon price

Review by Sarge-T on 2007-06-19
BELLEVILLE, MICHIGAN -- Approximately 2 weeks ago, my wife and I went in to look at, and possibly purchase a new travel trailer from Walt Michaels. We found one we liked. I was talking with the salesman, and he went to Walt Jr and confirmed the price. He returned to me and said, wow, Walt Jr has lowered the price below what it was on the internet. He then showed me the price. Then a woman, I think she might have been the salesmans boss, came over and started talking with my wife. I didn't pay any attention to their conversation. Well, the next day I went to the credit union and got the money to purchase the trailer, and they jacked up the price on it by 1000 dollars. She said that that was the price we (her and my wife) talked about the day prior. I said that I didn't care what her and my wife talked about, because the salesman and I had already agreed upon a price and it was on the purchase paper, and that Walt Jr had given us that price. She left and went to find that paper and I talked with the salesman whom I made the deal with. He said, I don't know why she is doing that, we made a deal and it was for X amount of dollars and it was given to him by the owner. Well, she came back in a couple of minutes with the paper. There was an approximate 2 x 3 inch space that was blacked out by a magic marker. She threw it down on the table and rudely said, there is the paper, with the price we agreed on. I then told her that I did not agree upon a price with her, and that the price I agreed upon was under that black magic marker blotch on the paper. I then walked out, went next door to Burnside RV where I was treated great and purchased what I believe was a better Travel trailer, 2 feet larger, and for the same price. Never will I do business with Walt Michaess again.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-19:
Good for you! The best way to hurt these scammers is to not spend money with them. That goes for all the shady business's out there ready to rip off the consumer. I wish people would take this approach with Ashley Furniture.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-19:
Nice job!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-19:
I'm hoping this isn't a smear campaign by a disgruntled employee.
Posted by Arlene on 2007-06-19:
I went to buy a car once...had just so much money to work with...told the dealer I would not go one cent over the price I stated and after he wrote up the paperwork...it was $12 higher...needless to say, I walked!
Posted by Sarge-T on 2007-06-19:
I am the one that wrote that. I work for Chrysler. I wouldn't work for a place that did business like that.
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-06-20:
Very poor sales tactics. Who the heck really was the lady anyway and why is she dealing on the side with your wife? I doubt those games go on regularly. With another dealer next door, they couldn't stay in business long.
Posted by malcolm3or4 on 2008-04-21:
I wouldn't work for a place who did business like that either. Unfortunately we were at Walt Michaels late on a Saturday, after business hours at my credit union so we went thru them for the financing. I couldn't help but think something wasn't right, still I signed the docs, dumb move on my part, no need to point that out. After walking out to the car I had too many misgivings and went back inside stating we needed more time, that we just weren't sure and I wanted to make the best decision for our family. We were laughed at and told it was a done deal. I've been waiting all day to hear back from them. And I'm thinking UrFriendlyPirate very well could be one of the shady people we dealt with since he's concerned about this posting coming from an employee and I've seen similiar comments on other reviews. Thank you, Sarge-T for posting this. I'm sorry for your situation but it helps me to know I'm not the only one...wish I had known before. How do we stop this madness?

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