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Review by gjds on 2002-06-06
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Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Office XP Standard for students and teachers can only be used in ONE computer

Microsoft Corporation
1 Microsoft Way, Redmond , Washington 98052-6399
Redmond Washington 98052-6399

June 6, 2002

To All Software Consumers:Beware!

I purchased Microsoft Office XP Standard for Students and Teachers at a local retail outlet.
This program will not work on more than one computer.
I called Microsoft and was told,
1. This program will only work on one (1) computer.
2. The program I installed would shut down if installed in any of my other computers.
3. If I changed the hard-drive or motherboard on the computer the registration recognized I had to notify them.
4. If I wanted to call Tech Support it would cost me $35.00 per hour to get assistance reinstalling programs I deleted when installing this program. I mention this because as you install the product it recommends existing programs that you could/should delete.
I want to raise a question. Why sell a product that only one computer can use?
The Microsoft XP program is unfair and impractical.
The general public needs to know what a blatant abuse of power this program reflects.
I complained to Microsoft but didn't even get a response.
I have been told this is to prevent PIRACY. That may be true. But, one person using the software on their own computers should not be a problem.


June 11, 2002

Resend Position regarding Microsoft Office XP

Since this was my first introduction to the Microsoft Office programs, I was unaware of the one computer per program policy. For this reason I resend my position about this product. But, I would suggest that Microsoft put this policy in big print since there is already so much to read before installing. I am not a trained computer programmer or operator.

An alternative FREE program is available at www.openoffice.org.

The program is OpenOffice 1.0 and the reviews I've read give it a good rating.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-06-07:
"I complained to Microsoft but didn't even get a response." Your trying to steal software and complaining to the owners because you aren't successful. Unless I misunderstand, and please accept my apologies, is this a multi licensed software package? If not, then you have no complaint. By law and your license agreement with Microsoft when you installed it the first time, the program is to be used on ONE PC. That is the way it is with ANY software purchase in kind. The same way you legally can not buy an audio CD and copy it for all your friends. They are supposed to buy their own, thats how a company makes money. If I were you, I'd drop it.

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-06-07:
I heard about this before XP even was released. I hope you fully read the agreement before you ok'd it or you may be in trouble. I do agree that XP is a bit invasive especially since it reports your status to microsoft every so often. To me that's spying.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-09-22:
We are microsoft, resistance is futile. You will be assimulated.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-04:
dont drop it cause you DONT NEED TO DROP IT. in fact out side of open office you can also go get star office. MICROCRAP is a load. dont fall for there bs and after a while you can go find a crack for the sh1t. since you paid for it learn to use it on ALL YOUR machines.... there is a way.

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