Auto For Less Complaint - Recieved a lemon - Front driver side brakes

Review by Anonymous on 2002-06-10
LAWNDALE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a 1995 Honda Civic from Auto For Less and I was given a 30 day warranty. I experienced a problem with my driver-side brakes and I went into the dealer for them to look at it. They changed the pads and the vibrations and grinding stoppped. 3 weeks later the same thing hap[pened again I stoppe by pep Boys and got the brakes changed again for $120.93 then 3 weeks later the same thing occured with a vibration being felt. i went back to the lot and they looked at the car and changed the calipers, then 3 more weeks passed and I was driving on the freeway and a loud clicking noise was heard along with strong vibrations and a pulling. I went to the car lot the next day. Prior to this I filed a complaint about the car and the service I recieved with the better business bureau. The new sales manager at the lot drove the car to listen to the noise and he even said that there was a problem. He asked the on site mechanic to take a look. The brake pads were completely worn down. The office manager came outside and was furious. She began yelling and pointing and said for the mechanic to put my car back together and for me to get off her lot if not she would call the police and have me removed. I was simply trying to corect a problem that should have been done the first time. I left and filed several more complaints. Upon my leaving she stated that If I retracted my complaint that she would have a brake specialist look at my car, but only if I dropped my complaints. I refuse. The lot ignored all efforts for a resolution that were attempted by the BBB. I just want my car to be fixed so that it is safe for me to drive. I have a 4 year old daughter and I dont not want to risk any injury or death.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-06-11:
Boy what a nasty piece of work you are. Everytime you brought that car to the dealer, they stepped up and fixed it, at least to their belief. They didn't make the car but since they sold it, they seem to have been trying to help you each time you brought it there, which is out of their pockets BTW. The thanks they get for trying is your MULTIPLE complaining to the BBB. GEEZZ. No wonder the office manager threw you out. If I were them, I wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-06-11:
I would alway spit on someone if they were on fire.... Come on when else can you spit on someone and get away with it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-06-11:
Why did you send a complaint of to the BBB the first time? It sounds like the dealership was doing everything they could to help you. I am glad you got thrown off the lot. You got what you deserved.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-06-12:
I'm sorry but people don't just snap like that. I'm sure your defense is that the manager yelled at you because of BBB complaint, however I'm sure as a dealership they recieve several complaints and it would not affect her judgement. I'm sorry but I smell something fishy here. You sound like your kindly and quietly asking for help and found yourself being beat on by the dealership. I'm guessing that you had been to the dealership and made a huge ass of yourself and the manager finally had enough. I just hope you 4 year old wasn't there to see their parent make a fools of themselves.

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