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Review by sweetkaci on 2007-06-24
RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA -- I represent Pine Haven Heritage Home,we are a locally owned assisted living facility. About 2 months ago i wanted to think of something that would help our residents join in our 3 activities we offer daily. I thought that maybe if we offered a "Pine Haven Buck" for every activity they joined in and offer them a "Pine Haven Store" at the end of every month this would improve our residents participation. Well it has been a grand success,but our staff has fully taken on the whole financial part of this store,so i thought i would ask some local businesses for a few donations.Pepsi was at the top of my list since most our residents drink "Diet Pepsi" when i contacted the local pepsi cola plant they said"we donot donate,and if i was to do for you then we would have to do for all" I am very offended by this considering the amount of money we all have spent on this product,i fill we should all give back to our i am posting this on this web site so that other people know how we were treated as a locally nieghboring business.
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Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-06-24:
Bashing a company because they won't donate? Wow.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-06-24:
At least it was done as a COMPLIMENT instead of a COMPLAINT.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-24:
Stop drinking their product.
Posted by prcalmb4storm on 2007-06-24:
Pepsi donates in many ways we probably don't even know about
Posted by Demonoid Phenomenon on 2007-06-24:
Why are you picking on Pepsi? Did you make a list of all of the other products that most of your residents use and contact those companies as well? If not, why? If you did and they turned you down as well, when will we be seeing those complaints (or 'compliments'..?!)
Why is Pepsi on the chopping block as the end-all be-all in your donations department?
Posted by poppapia on 2007-06-25:
All companies, small and large, get huge amounts of requests for donations. The company I work for started limiting donations to a certain dollar amount per year due to this, as everyone seems to think that businesses have an unlimited amount of money for donations, plus time to talk to everyone requesting one. And, we get asked by people who don't do business with us just as often as by those who do.
Posted by frauleinannika on 2007-07-04:
I understand where Pepsi is coming from. In college, I helped run a charity where women would come and pick up brand-new items for their babies for free. We didn't ask for any verification of whether or not they even had a baby or whether or not they needed assistance. We had to shut down when the police accused us of selling the merchandise. A few of the illegal immigrants that were coming in on a regular basis decided to open a store and sell the free items to others. Anytime anyone does anything charitable, they risk being taken advantage of. I'm sure there is someone out there who would be willing to help you guys out, but don't bash the ones who don't. If someone came to my door and asked for my possessions, I can't very well say that I would just give them away, regardless of what their intentions were.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-04:
Well that was just dumb!

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