Howard Johnsons Hotel Complaint - Nastiest Place to stay

Review by chessygrin on 2007-06-25
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I WILL never stay @ the nastiest hotel Howard Johnsons again.If I had not been so late (1:00 AM)I would have thought ask to see the room first before deciding to stay. I made reservations on-line & figured it being in Tampa Fl it would be good.It sure wasn't! I am a former hotel/motel employee & I stay @ many motels/hotels.I know what I want in a room, being clean is most important! having working lights,TV Toilet Etc...

I do know housekeeping doesn
t get a lot of time to spend cleaning rooms but I think they should be able to team up & do a more thorough job.We found marijuana seeds & small buds in the nightstand,seeds on the floor,burnt matches under the beds along with change, gum, candy wrappers,& a sonic receipt from 2 days before my stay. Two lamps didn't work, on/off on remote for tv didn't work upon pulling the desk & dresser out a bit to plug in my laptop there were many little scraps of paper & candy wraps,dead bugs in webs,carpet was ATTROCIOUS!! I am a smoker so I requested a smoking room nicotine was all over the walls, dirt spots all over the walls,the bathroom was so disgusting we didn't bother to shower.Mold in cracks around shower,bottom of bathtub needed a good bleaching/scrubbing,dirt in all corners,dirt around base of toilet,towel rack coming away from wall, looked like an attempt to fix with caulk failed.2x2 area on wall was patched but cracked & painted instead of rightly repaired.Blow dryer had God only knows what all over it. The vent in the bathroom was so dirty & dusty as well. I woke up several times feeling like something was crawling on me.The ONLY thing in the whole room that looked decent was the counter top in the bathroom. At nearly $70/night i think this is ridiculous! If I were to have EVER left a room looking that bad I would have been FIRED! If I were to be a manager or owner there I WOULD FIRE! There is no excuse to see such FILTH in a hotel room.I have stayed in $28/night rooms cleaner than this! i have stayed in $150/night & they were dirty as well, does that make sense?? I took pictures & want to know where the best place to send them.These hotel/motel owners/managers DON'T CARE & thats a shame! they should stay in those rooms for a night!Better yet they need to do EXPECTATIONS often to make sure they dont get such complaints.I usually just chose to never stay @ the chains that are so bad & never go to the manager & complain, but I'm tired of spending my HARD EARNED AMERICAN DOLLARS on Dumps mostly owned by NON-AMERICANS!!!!!

2055 N Dale Mabry
I-275 Exit 41B
Tampa, FL 33607
Phone number: 813-875-8818
Total number of guests: 2
Total number of rooms: 1 room
2 Double beds non-smoking microwave fridge coffeemaker hairdryer rise and dine continental breakfast
Rate description: Low Price Guarantee room/rate
Average rate per night: $59.00
Amount charged to your credit card: $69.26
Unless otherwise specified, all costs are provided in "US dollars."


Also amazing a compant email couldnt be found for this particular place!
Comments:6 Replies - Latest reply on 2007-06-25
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-25:
You can email them right here - http://www.hojo.com/HowardJohnson/control/contact_us_form

Posted by MRM on 2007-06-25:
Im glad that your house doesnt look like what you had just described.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-25:
Was it the nasty brown weed,or the California Chronic?
Posted by Skye on 2007-06-25:
I thought the smoking rooms were supposed to come with nicotine all over the walls??

The place does sound very horrible. Take emt's advice, and email this complaint to the link she provided.
Posted by chessygrin on 2007-06-25:
Thanks for the comments! I cant wait to post the pics! thank you emt I will email them soon. number1svc... it was nice n green! dont do it anymore but knows enuff about it! MRM... If my house looked like that I would never have company! skye.... yeah I reckon they should come with nicotine but it doesnt need to be runnin down the walls !! thanks for support!
Posted by Skye on 2007-06-25:
I was just kidding with the nicotine comment. It's a shame that you pay for a room, and it ends up being so disgusting.

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