Nash Correctional Institute Complaint - Over priced collect calls from Nash Correctional Institute

Review by ma burton on 2007-06-30
I think that the price of a collect call from the Nash Correctional Institute costing me $15.00 for a ten minute call is a violation of the anti-trust fair trade practices. While I can have all kinds of phone plans with all kinds of perks such as FREE LONG DISTANCE after 7 p.m. inmates must call collect. There are cheaper systems that monitor phone calls and phone cards can be purchased in other comminsaries at other prisons why not in North Carolina? I believe it has to do with money and the cash cow that North Carolina has in play at the expense of the family and friends of the inmates who must pay the over-priced cost. I think it is not fair and I also think it falls under INTERSTATE COMMERCE and should be regulated by the laws that insure fair trade practices and do not cater to greedy money grabbing pirates who are running things over there in North Carolina and are making a mint. Also that D.A. --Nifong who stepped down should have never had that job in the first place. He is not the only D.A. to use tactics that are questionalbe if not down right illegal. The Judicial System as well as the Prison System in the State of North Carolina needs to be investigated by the Federal Government and I have contacted my congressman from the state of Tennessee on more than one occassion and stated just that. I will continue to speak out over this injustice because it is still the ole US of A where I have Freedom of Speech and I intend to use. Telling anyone in a place of authority for the State of North Carolina is like reporting that chickens are missing to the Fox that is guarding the hen house. The prices charged for phone calls from the Nash Correctional Institute are a violation of my rights.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-06-30:
While I am sorry you are in the situation that someone else put you in,
Who cares how much it costs for an inmate(free housing, 3 squares, unlimited free medical care, exercise equipment all at the taxpayer expense)who wouldn't be there except by his/her own actions, to use a phone?
At least it's one thing that the taxpayer is not having to foot the bill for.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-06-30:
Having worked in a county jail and a state prison, I really find it hard to understand your problem. I spent one night in the county jail over the County Attorney and his power trip, and there was what looked like a payphone in the trusty tank. Of course, no one has mopney, so the calls were collect. My call to let my wife know I was going to be sent to another substation cost us $8. Big deal! At that moment, the cost of a phone call was the least of my concerns. I agree with you on Nifong, that was a fiqasco, but I know for a fact that everyone who has a relative in jail is convinced the criminal justice system is broken, or their loved one would not be there. relatives believe everything their inmaterelatives tell them. I had an old woman giving me hell once, telling me the guards beat her grandson, and would not let him have pencil and paper to write her. Both of these charges were ridiculous, I knew her grandson, and he was a prime troublemaker, but he was never struck, and every inmate got paper, pencils, toilet tissue, tobacco, toothpaste, and on and on, all at taxpayer expense. I am reminded of the Jim Carrey movie, 'Liar, Liar,' where his secretary hands him the phone. It is one of his clients, seeking legal advice. Jim holds the phone up at arm's length and yells, "Quit breaking the law, a**hole!" then slams the phone down. Good advice.
Posted by yoke on 2007-06-30:
Instead of phone calls why not write a letter. Seems to be working fine for our servicemembers stationed all over the world.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-06-30:
Great post starlord!
Posted by ma burton on 2007-07-11:
To all the bloggers that replied--- that is the whole point--Jail and Prison are two different things. And apparently you missed the fact that the Prisoner does not pay for the call-- I DO--I am not guilty of a crime and I am not in Prison--I get calls from all over the United States and the cost is not $15.00 for a ten minute call. It is not like that in Louisiana or other states --So North Carolina has a monopoly on the phone system and it does not have to cost the families that amount per call- How many 10 year old kids have $15.00 per week to pay to hear from their loved one--To you it may seem not needed and unwarranted but then your parent may not have ever been in prison and as a child you may have had a great Mom and Dad. You should get down on your self righteous knees and thank God that you were so blessed. But to that innocent child who had the misfortune to end up with a parent in prison then I think it is not too much to ask for the family to get a fair rate for a long distance call once a week.
Posted by ma burton on 2007-07-12:
To Yoke--I don't know what planet you are living on but the servicemen have cell phones and can call home if they want or they have email which they use. I have a friend who is in the Navy Branch and I receive email every other day from Japan and the all over the world. So get in the 21st century. I would also like to add that ALL people in prison are not "Lifers" and they will be returned to society. They need computer skills and be able to text message in this day and age to make it in our society.
To Starlord: It is "A" call for $8.00 dollars--well that is my point--It only cost your wife $8.00 dollars but yet and still I must pay $15.00--Do the Math
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-12:
Ma burton, I agree 100% and have said so many times, yet it falls on deaf ears.

The system has become the criminals if people don't WAKE UP and smell the roses soon we will all be prisoners in our own land.

North Carolina has some of the most crooked politicians in the country on all levels. It is a fight here all the time with the powers that be.

You are also right about all these self-righteous people who think it's OK because it's not them. These are the same people who say "I have nothing to hide" when someone wants all there information, well they are self deceived at best, everyone has everything to hide from those who would steal it. The IRS is a good example, the more honest you are with them, the more they screw with you.

Now the prison system has got the people all riled up with self-righteous indignation so they do what ever they think they can get away with. There job is to "rehabilitate" yet it's the one thing they don't do, like the Federal Government who is supposed to regulate yet it's the one thing they don't do at all and they set the example. So now the prison system has spread out to the families of those in jail and/or prison. I guarantee that sooner or later there will also be a tax added to our phone bill to go along with it.
Posted by ma burton on 2007-07-13:
To jktshff1---You are so out of touch with what goes on in the prison system that is down right criminal. First off-all prisons don't serve 3 meals a day. One prison serves bolgna sandwiches at 2 meals -Lunch and Supper. But at the Nash Prison- a prisoner can use his own money --sent to him by his family and friends or that he has earned --and buy food from their canteen i.e. In house Store. The items purchased are double what you or I would pay for the item at WalMart or Fred's. But be that as it may--and if the exercise equipment you are referring to is a set of weights; a basketball; and a softball and bat --then yes the great state of North Carolina has foot the bill for that. Prisoners work in jobs such as in a print shop that makes THE PRISON money because Nash pays the prisoner pennies a day and the prisoner has to maintain a job or else he does not have his own cell. So please do not try to say PRISONERS in the STATE of NORTH CAROLINA are a drain on the tax funds because that is not the case. Prisons are big business and they make money and do not cost you as a taxpayer anything. They buy phone time at the same rate you and I do and then sell it for $15.00 for a ten minute call. There are a lot of people in prison who are there for charges such as possession of drugs for instance and due to the judicial system are given 10 years or more and otherwise they had a job and family and were not the thug you want to believe that ALL people are who find themselves behind the wall. Very little seperates the people who keep the jail/prison from the ones who are being housed in that same jail/prison. Young people make mistakes--get drunk --drink and drive --have a car wreck and end up behind bars. But to say that the families of these individuals deserve to be mistreated and cheated and made to pay an unfair and unjust rate for a phone call is simply not the American Way. Graft and Corruption needs to be stopped and the Nash Correctional Institute in North Carolina is a great place to start.

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