The Ashton Of Corona Hills Apartments Complaint - Please Help Me Understand! I Need Your Help!!

Review by ineedurhelp1 on 2007-06-30
CORONA, CALIFORNIA -- I have been a resident of the Ashton of Corona Hills Apartments, as of 12/2005, I have been a victim of slander, with the officials re: a neighbors wrongful assumption with the property on site management which lead to an improper search. Due to false allocations. And illegal house search with managers request and falsely accused for no unreason. I, felt violated,severely major depressed, discriminated, physically, emotionally and mentally threatened and abused. I, immediately requested to speak with management to file a complaint and request relocation of residency, i, made several attempts by phone and via mail and never received any response, i,finally went on the internet to locate owner (equity residentials)and finally received a response with supposedly resolving this matter.I, was then given less than 24 hours to immediately vacate apartment and transfer to new location. And before my initial move-out had made a mandatory appointment with management with check list to go over property damages and required agreed signatures. I patiently waited upon the appearance with two no shows for two days.3-4 Months later in time i9 received a bill statement from equity residential for the amount of $528.14. For property damages of soda pop and soap stain to carpet which lead to an unserved immediate wrongful eviction, and pertained it to un paid past rent, which is false. I don't understand equity sent me a letter stating that all issues have been resolved and negative reports were removed with all reported creditors and case is now closed. And then later was told someone has to pay this bill. I am permanently disabled also was told that there was a low rental program for the disabled and low income. I requested many times to apply and was told no longer offered. And if there was that I would never qualify any ways and would not be eligible due to my race,marital status etc. I, investigated with many residents and therefore found out that it was false. That it was still proceeding and active rental assistance program. Please help me understand why I am getting unfair treatment.
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Posted by Starlord on 2007-06-30:
I would consult with Legal Aid in this manner. Also, for future reference, please unlock your caps. Typing in all caps is the same as shouting and is considered very rude. In addition, it is more difficult to read than normal typing. Good luck.
Posted by Skye on 2007-06-30:
Yes, please contact Legal Aid. You shouldn't have to live under such miserable circumstances.
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-06-30:
Wow, a lot of holes. No one can search your apartment without a bona fide emergency or a warrant. No one gets evicted for staining a carpet. Back rent is another story. What exactly did your neighbor say you did that prompted the landlords to search? If it was illegal activity, they need the police. If it was an emergency, like a leaking pipe, then they can come in. Starford's right, you may need to consult council on this.
Posted by James on 2007-06-30:
Whats this shouting and hard to read bit? I dont consider it rude nor hard to read.
Posted by Irisgirlsmama on 2007-07-02:
I believe your talking about the HUD program. It's no longer available, due to hurricane Catrina. All the money has been put in a relief fund. However, there are people that were on it be for the hurricane and they still receive assistance. These are probably some of the people that your talking about. What were the allegations made that got your apartment searched anyway?

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