DP USAII Complaint - SCAM ARTIST! - FREE Phenterthin Diet Pills

Review by cindy p on 2007-06-30
OKLAHOMA -- Sent me a website for a 2 week FREE trial of PHENTERTHIN DIET PILLS. (all I had to do was pay $ 4.95 shipping/handling!)

4 weeks later, GUESS WHAT? My American express card got charged for $149.95 for NOTHING!! I NEVER order anything else from these people, and NEVER received anything else from these people!
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Posted by Starlord on 2007-06-30:
If you had looked, somewhere, they had a statement in small print, saying receipt of the free sample is contingent on subscribing to the program of the product being shipped to you regularly. When they show these things on Tv, it is there in very small print, and you really have to use your DVR or VHS recorder to read it. What are you sending for weight-loss products for anyway? The only waay to lose weight is to eat less and excercise more. There is only one weight-loss product I am aware of approved by the FDA, and that is Alli, and it has not been around long enough to put any faith in. Chalk this up to a learning experience, tell your bank not to accept any more charges from this scam outfit and good luck.
Posted by Skye on 2007-06-30:
I don't know why people continue to try all these diet pills to loose weight. Cut back on calories, drink 64oz a water a day, and walk everyday for 30 minutes.

If you feel you really need diet pills, go see your primary MD, and see if he/she will give you a prescription for the real thing. Who knows what's really in these so called internet diet pills. Too risky.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-30:
I think this one is well covered
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-30:
How many of these same post about the same "Phenterthin Diet Pills" are there going to be?

People don't buy any Phenterthin Diet Pills and if you get an e-mail about stuff like this report it!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-07-01:
If you really want to take the time, and believe you have a case, go online and dispute the excess charges with Amex.
Posted by cindy p on 2007-07-01:
Thank you for your ideas and comments! You are sooo right, I should NEVER have ordered from tbem in the first place! However, I did... and so now, luckily American Express is handling my problem for me and will not be paying them for the UNAUTHORIZED $ 149.99 charge they billed me for. There was no "small" print as someone stated above, and these people are soooo sneaky that they even billed the UNAUTHORIZED charges to my credit card under a DIFFERENT company name than the initial shipping/handling charge billed to for the free sample; of course hopeing that I would NOT even notice the charges. Just a heads up to anyone else that may otherwise fall for their add appeal like I foolishly did!
Posted by babe48 on 2007-07-03:
Okay Im one of the victim i foind out after reading all the scams that they are doing. I cancelled my debit account immediately after I read all about this scams. Hopefully this decision will help before they could get $149.95 on my debit card which i dont have. Listen all just cancel your account right away and get new ones.
Posted by zachary2006 on 2007-07-11:
if you read the terms and conditions, they tell you to do nothing and they'll charge you and send you more pills. if you cancel (within 15 days) here are the charges: $49.00 for the "free" pills, and $49.95 for cancelling. try reading their terms before you agree to anything.

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