Leon's Automotive Complaint - Totally got Jacked - Auto repair

Review by kparikh82276 on 2007-06-30

I would like to tell everyone for Chicago IL, to watch out for repair work at Leon's Automotive Auto Sales, Inc.

Now mind you, this shop was recommended by a friend of mine so i had trusted the person.

I purchased the car from this person based on good recommendation.

But when i took the car back to get a tune up and what ever was recommended at that mileage. I also explained to him, to only do the most important work because my limit was 1000.00. Sure no problem.

I had dropped it of because i was going out of town, i call up to see if all work was done, and how much the total was. I get a price of 1575.00

My heart stopped for a second. I said "why so much." He replies "Well you know i had to change parts etc. labor so on and so forth." I explained to him that i had mentioned that the budget i set up was about 1000.00 he said "he did the work that was necessary." That was the total. At the moment i did feel i was being taken for, but i calmed myself down and i said I'll see him when i get back.

I looked at the work done, and some of it i don't think was necessary.

But none the less i figured he probably wanted to make sure the car runs perfectly. He even said i didn't have to worry for another 5 years.

3 mo. later my car stops. I had to get a jump to get it to work. Prior to a stranger helping me jump the car, i had given my "friendly" and "trustworthy mechanic", i spoke to the assistant, he tells me that the boss will call when he gets back to the shop. I explained to the assistant that my car is not starting and i need him to come pick up the car to check it out. I wait for about 3 hours no call, in the mean time i get help from someone to jump my car.

The assistant calls back about 5 hours later telling that the boss isn't here yet but he'll call as soon as he gets in.

No call that day.

The next day i call back, i speak with the bosses wife, i tell her that what transpired the day before was not nice, i have totally lost faith in any type of a relationship that i thought existed between me and them. She apologized and said to bring in the car to let him check. I said no thank you because it was his work that ruined the car in the first place. (no mind you that might have been extreme statement, but how can you explain a car running find for 2 years, but after the work done on it i get problems)

3 weeks later my car stalls again, i call the shop up again telling them this is not right, the work done on the car was not done properly. They said that i need to bring it in and they will take a look at it.

Now so far i don't trust them and i don't want them to mess it up more where I'll have permanent problems.

I took the car to AAMCO, they gave me a free inspection, 3 hr later they said there was nothing wrong, but he explained to me it maybe a broken wire, where the outer sheath is intacted by the wire inside is broken, so when it is together everything works, but with any vibrations, it may become loose.

I look back at the invoice provided to me by my "trusted auto mechanic", i noticed that the labor (which is outrageous to begin with) was way too high, and the parts that were placed, i see them priced at half the price as i was charged.

So not only did i get jacked w/ the labor, but i was jacked with the parts also.


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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-30:
I think it's ridiculous that any mechanic can claim that 1500.00 in repairs is gonna make a car run without issue for 5 years. He was either stupid or lying to say that and you shouldn't have believed him. That being said, something like an electrical problem or a broken wire cannot be predicted and should not be held against the repair shop unles that specific issue was addressed during said "repair." As far as the cost, you were a bit short sighted for not getting estimates from at least two shops. This one is partially on you.
Posted by Skye on 2007-06-30:
Just curious, what kind of car is it??
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-30:
"I also explained to him, to only do the most important work because my limit was 1000.00."

Hmmmmmm...I personally think that this is a bad tactic. You gave them a limit.

You might want to think about 'trusting' you friend, again.

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-30:
Sounds like your friend is not a friend?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-30:
Jayd do you sniff glue?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-30:
Stew, he's just a bitter old fart!
Posted by cadydid on 2007-07-01:
I will say most of the time dealers are higher on everything when it comes to repairs. But I got lucky this time.. I needed 185/65/15 tires. Finding them was a pain because no one had them in stock. Out of desperation I went to the dealer.. not only did they have them in stock they were $20 less per tire than anywhere else I had found. 4 tires, and all that goes along with it came to $300 .. cheapest I had found elsewhere was $380-$500.

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