Don MCCue Chevy in St Charles Informative - Complaint - Car purchase

Review by Suckered into a car on 2007-07-01
ST CHARLES, ILLINOIS -- I am working in Il but am not a resident. I have a license from another state and am a resident of that state. I was lured into the dealership by an add on Craig's list for a cash car. I walked into the dealership with a very clear request, I just wanted something that I could use to get back and forth to work. I was called to confirm my appointment and advised the car that I was looking at was still available. I got to the dealership and of course the car had conveniently been sold. They put me into a car and explained that it did not matter that I am not an Il resident, they copied my license, and said no problem. The car they put me in did great on the test drive on Saturday, but after signing the paperwork I drove it a little while when it started to shake very badly. I dropped the car on their parking lot on Sunday less than 24 hours after the signing of the paperwork. They refused to take the car back. I was threated with a reposition even though financing had not been approved. They serviced the car saying it has low profile tires and the air pressure was not right and the shaking stopped. I then had to take it back to have the air repaired because the air was not working. The day I took the car in, I also had to give the rest of the down payment. Again, they reviewed the paperwork and saw my license was out of state. I was told that I may have to get an Il license. I advised the on site finance person that I would not be doing that and if that is what was needed to purchase the car then I need not sign any paperwork. I was told no problem and sent on my way. Less than a week later the bank calls me and asks for my IL license..I told them I did not have one and the bank said we can not process the loan. I have tried twice to return the car and each time I am threatened with a reposition...I would not recommend my worst enemy to this dealership...Beware!
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Posted by S. on 2007-07-01:
With what type reposition did they threaten you? Something, like--mm--taking your nose and repositioning it next to your left ear? I wouldn't stand for that!
Posted by Skye on 2007-07-01:
How old are you?? You allowed them to "sucker" you. You could of just said, no thanks, to the car they showed you, and walked out.

Why do people always blame the car dealerships for letting themselves, what they call, be taken advantage of. They are in the business to sell cars, and you have the right to say no, and leave.

How did they get your license to copy?? Oh, you gave it to them.

So what kind of car is it?? I'm providing a lemon law link:
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-01:
It's always easier to blame everyone else.
I blame JayD!
Posted by Dan on 2007-07-02:
Car dealerships are not open on Sundays in Illinois. How many days did you really wait to take it back?
Posted by bobmon on 2007-07-28:
This is a horrible dealership.I bought a car from there.I had to bring it back 3 times for a simple problem with the check engine light.The service department is horrible.The finance department is horrible.Avoid Don mccue chevy like the plague.Drive a little farther out of the way if you live close to Mccue just to avoid them.You will be glad you did.

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