Correctional Billing Services Info Informative - How the system works

Review by saintx on 2007-07-01
Here is everything you need to knoe about correctional billing services. Learn it because its never going to change. If you have any questions feel free to ask

If you being bill through your phone company which is know as a LEC(local exchange carrier) account. Everything is based on a 90 day period. Your phone company will have a spending limit set for 90 days based on how well your credit is with your phone company. If you ever accept 50 dollars worth of charges in a 24 hr period the line will block and that is called a high volocity block. Just for your safety sadly enough alot of customers are accepting calls and not knowing how much they are. Any charges that you accept will sit on the account for 90 days. 90 days after the call has been accepted the charge of that call will come off the account. Example: Lets say you accepted a call on march 28th and the call cost you 2 dollars on June 28th the 2 dollar charge will come off the account. If you exceed the spending limit you can either wait for the the next charge to come off which possbly can be 90 days, also if there are any charges we have not sent to your phone company which are called unbilled charges those are available to pay at anytime and the charges will come off the account right away and will not be billed to the phone company. If there are no unbilled charges and everything has been set you then have an option to set up a pre payed account or direct bill.

Direct Billed acount
Usually customers have a direct billed account when they have a phone company that we do not have a billing agreement with. In order to set this account up a credit is manditory. You will recieve a score of either a b or c. If you are to score an A you would be approved for a 300 dollar spending limit. B is 100 dollars. C you will need to set up a pre payed account. The spending limit is based on a 30 day period like a regular monthly billing. If you exceed the spending limit all you need to do is make any kind of payment as long as it put you back under the spending limit.

PrePayed Accounts
Prepayed is pretty much like a pay as you go phone. You would add money to the acc with credit card check by phone, western union, money order or chashiers check in the mail. If you are useing credit card or check by phone there is minimum of 50 and an 8 dollar service fee. It gives you the option pick how much money you are going to spend also it limits you. Once the money is gone the line blocks till the next payment.

Block inquiries
Any block can take up to 24 hrs for it to remove. I always advise 2 - 24hrs because 24 hrs is worse case scenario. Its based on what type of equipment the facilty has. our system clears fo you but some of the faciltys have older equipment which may only updat every 24 hrs. Where for newer equipment updates every 2 hrs.
So if you made a payment by credit card or check by phone the payment is posted right away for you and the will open withon 2 - 24 hrs. If you made a payment by western union it can take up to 5 - 8 BUSSINESS hrs to recive the payment. One the payment is posted it takes 2 - 24 hrs for the line to clear. Money orders can take up to 7 - 10 days for us to recive it once it is posted 2 - 24 hrs to recive calls. If you have press a wrong button on your phone and now you are not getting calls you probably have a perma block. Reps cannot see these blocks so if you have pressed a wrong button let us know and we would have to send of something called a trouble ticket for out technical team to remove. Once the rep has sent off the ticket for pera block the system starts searching for a pera block if the system does not find a block it will be sent to head office as not getting calls, where another technician will be issued to look at the account. If you are being billed through your phone company and you have a new number it will take up to 3 - 5 bussiness days for the line to clear. If you have a collect call block through your phone company we canot remove them they need to be removed by the phone company, Takes 24 hrs to clear from phone companys system then 24 hrs to clear from ours so 48 hrs all together. If you are on a prePayed account of direct billed you dont need to worrie about phone company blocks because we override them.

Trouble tickets.
Trouble tickets can be issued if your not getting calls. Most reps will advise to wait 24hrs if your still not getting calls a trouble ticket will be sent out. Can be anywhere between 24 - 48 hrs for a reponce. Also if a payment is not posted we will need to send out a trouble ticket to search for the payment likey will be a western union payment and the info the customer put in was wrong. The line will contine to stay blocked if already is blocked untill we find the payment. If you have calls on your bill and you claim you did not accept them that is called "denies all knowledge" a trouble ticket will be sent out for investigation. The call will be listened to if it was accepted you will be responsible for the charges wiether it was you that accepted it or just someone in your house, it is your phone line in your house you are responsible for the line.

Accounts going into negatives
it is very much possible when your a pre paud customer. We actually have to wait for the call history to be sent to us from the facility, Call can post anywhere between 24 - 72 hrs. You could have a balance of 20 dollars that will sit there for 3 days and customer will continue to recive calls once we recive the history you can end up in a negative. Ive seen people go 800 dollars in a negative. I strongly advise that if you are calling in to ask for the balance make sure you ask for the last call posted at that time. If its from 2 days ago and you know you have recived calls since then then it give you an idea of what you balance may be. If still a problem we will add up amount of payments and then amount of call recived and figure out the difference. You can access our web adress at www.correctionalbillingservices.com and see for yourself. You do need give us your e-mail adress in order to use the web adress.

Credit for cut off calls.
Many customer will be on a call and out of nowhere you get a message " no third party dialing allowed" then disconnects your call. Do not call in freaking out. Just ask for credit. The call drops because the pays phone are very sensitive especially the older ones. And loud noises, call waiting or long periods of silence is some of the many reasons the call will be droped. If the call was 3 minutes or under you will have full credit for the call. If its is over 3 minutes and you have a flat rate you will have half credit. If you are being charged by the minute you will be issued credit for the surcharge fee. Only if there is an immediate call back. Reps can credit back up to 15 dollars if its over 15 dollars the call will be submitted and will show up on acc within 2 - 24 hrs. If it exceeds 50 dollars they will be submitted to head office. And will apear within 24 - 48 hrs. If you are being billed through your phone company it will take 2 - 3 billing cycles to apper on your bill as a credit.

Supervisor calls are useless. The supervisor is going to tell you the same thing the rep did. If you have a complaint ask for the complaint number.

Once again any other questions please do ask.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-01:
This company is run on a Marxist printable and don't think you are above the law because it can be changed.

But thank you for the information, very informative; I have voted you very helpful.
Posted by Skye on 2007-07-01:
I never even knew these types of services existed, until I read the once a week, complaints we get here.

Good information.

Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-07-01:
Try 2 or 3 times a week.
That said saintx has answered many questions and is has been most helpful.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-07-01:
I think whoever made up the rules for this outfit belongs in the jail with the people who are forced to use this service.
Posted by saintx on 2007-07-09:
im glad it was useful
Posted by ebgcjac on 2007-07-25:
Ok, so I got on here because of the experinces that I have had with this company, and yes there have been many issues along the way. At one point in this whole adventure I was getting billed twice for each call, they were billing me for my time zone and theirs, and yes my money was refunded, but not after I had to bascialy beg in hysterics for someone to double check my account. Now I have had the problem lately of people not knowing what is going on, by that I mean the last couple of times I have called I have at first been told that a certain thing could not be done, but then I could hang up and call back and then it gets taken care of. My question is that do you as empolyees of CBS get all the same rules to go by, beacuse I know there are several locations of CBS and it seems like when i talk to certain people(out of the states) I have a much harder time than when I talk with someone in the states. Sorry so long winded!Last thing & I promise Im done how does the whole having more than 1 number on an account work, because I am haveing a major problem with that now.
Posted by ever_rep on 2007-07-27:
ebgcjac, just to let you know we are in Canada, not in the United States!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by saintx on 2007-07-30:
I find the people over in antigua or whatever dont know what the hell they are doing, and im pretty much tired of that office. They tell people obscene stuff that makes no sence. They try and take payments which fail and tell them to call back keeping in mind you can only make one payment method in a 24 hrs period. the one canada office is alright still some of them are not too bright,in all honesty out of the 3 offices that we have 2 in Canada and one in Antigua there is only one office that seriously knows whats going on. As for the two numbers on one account question, its very simple you have how many num,ber that you have on the account if its a pre paid acount they share that same funds if your being billed you recive one bill for all numbers on account and they all share the same spending limit.
Posted by FightingCBS77 on 2008-11-30:
I don't know if the criteria has changed for the spending limit if you are billed through your telephone provider, but they are definitely not going by my payment history with my telephone provider to determine my spending limit. They gave me a $60 spending limit, even after I had a previous telephone number through the same telephone provider as well as CBS and had a spending limit of $468. My phone company says I have an excellent rating with them.

CBS is still "researching" my issue. In the meanwhile I've been researching consumer law and requesting documentation from the FCC and my Attorney General to see what other complaints have been filed and what they have done about it.

I talked to a number of reps and supervisors at CBS and every one of them had a different idea of what the spending limit is based on. I have, in writing via e-mail now, someone who said that it was based on a lot of things, but in short was based on the collection rates they have with my telephone company. Wake up people, it's all about $$

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