J C Penny Informative - Connectors won't fit

Review by tennessee55 on 2007-07-05
I purchased this armoire for my bedroom, went to put it together and the fastners are to short. I contacted JC Penny's,they told me to try and locate someone in my area that sold the necessary fasteners, being a discontinued item they offered to ship another one. I said no, due to the fact it was coming from the same company. I am very upset that now I am stuck with something I can not use.

Evidently there is no quality control in foreign countries to whom we are getting our merchandise.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-05:
So take the fasteners to your nearest hardware store and get longer ones. Then you can use the furniture.

Most cheap, self assembled furniture hardware is packaged by machine and rarely by humans. Mistakes happen.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-07-05:
Sorry, you are not stuck. You made the choice not to have it replaced even though they offered to send you another one.
Actually this is more a compliment for Penny's than anything else.
Posted by FoggyOne on 2007-07-05:
It really is a good review for J C Penney. There was a problem, they tried to rectify it, you said 'No', and you are too lazy to go to a hardware store to get replacement parts (which are probably quite inexpensive).
Posted by Demonoid Phenomenon on 2007-07-05:
You're 'stuck' because you chose to be. What else is Penney's supposed to do for you other than what they already offered?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-05:
tennessee55, you make no point here except you are not leting anyone help you, that's not nice.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-05:
If it does not work, try to return the armoire back to JC Penny and ask for the store demo unit. Most store sells the demo unit when manufacture discontinued production. Talk to a store manager, I am sure something can be arranged.
Posted by S. on 2007-07-05:
Don't know about the rest of you but on any piece of furniture I've purchased which required assembly by me (I'm pretty good at bookcases, night stands, and end tables) the instruction sheet clearly states not to contact the seller if parts are missing, etc. They listed an 800 number to contact the manufacturer. But if they're made in China, wonder if I'd be able to understand Chinese?

I, too, feel this should have been posted as a compliment to Penney's. They offered a very easy solution.
Posted by poppapia on 2007-07-05:
Ponie is exactly correct. I, too, have noticed that there is a specific number to call for missing parts, and it's very rare if it's the store that the item was purchased from.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-05:
I find Ponie's comment very offensive.
Discrimination is lack of knowledge and understanding of…
The foreign manufacture makes the product. An importer/US distr. purchase the item and sell them to local stores. The local stores sell the product to you.
Any issues need to be address be the US distr. The 1800 number is for the US customers and they should speak English and may office Spanish too.
If a foreign manufacture is large enough, they will have US presence.
When you buy a SONY TV, do you call Japan? No they have local US customer service center with min. wage staff that are happy to assist you.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-07-05:
You really have thin skin if what ponie said offended you. There was nothing discriminatory about the statements.
Ponie was making a good point, with so much outsourcing of "customer service", you can hardly understand any of the customer service reps anymore.
What's minimum wage got to do with it?
Posted by furnitureman on 2007-07-05:
get what you pay for. You should have went to a furniture store and paid more for a solid wood armoire and someone that can service it if there was a problem

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