Fletcher chrysler used cars and trucks Compliment - They sell lemons not cars!

Review by I hate Lemons on 2007-07-06
EDINBURGH, INDIANA -- Approximately one month ago we went to this dealer looking for a good used car for my 17 year old son. We went inside and explained that we wanted something safe, dependable and reliable. The owner was there and he told us there was a car on the lot that he knew the owner along with the cars history and he could vouch for that car and knew it to be 'a solid dependable car that was taken car of and should have plenty of miles left on it.' With the owners personal recommendation we bought the car. The only mention of anything wrong was that the gas gage did not work.

Upon test driving it we noted the odometer was broken as well. The sales said he was unaware of such problem but they were not 'allowed' to fix odometers. We got the car home and two days later the turn signals stopped working. Two days later the car stopped running and would not start. We called the dealer and they said the owner was unavailable but they would check with him to see if he would help pay for the cost of repairs. We took the car to the repair shop and it cost approx. 500 dollars to replace the alternator and ignition switch. The dealership would not respond to our calls.

One week later the car over heated and started to produce white smoke from the exhaust. We called the dealership and they said that was too bad but they could do nothing to help us. As of now the car is in the shop receiving 1700 dollars worth of repairs. We contacted the BBB and the contacted the dealership who responded by saying it was obvious they were not obligated to help pay for repairs since the car was bought 'as is no warranty'.

I am now turning to other sources to attempt to recoup some of our expenses. We paid 2000 dollars for the car and in one month we have spent 2200 dollars in repairs. As a person of fairly decent morals and standards it would seem to me that any business man with even a shred of decency and professionalism would not let something like this go unmended, but Mr. Fletcher feels that buying a car through him is a lot like gambling in that 'You pay your money and you take your chances'.

So my advice at this point is to stay far away from FLETCHER CHRYSLER and their products. Not only to they sell poor uninspected untested vehicles they are completely unwilling to work with you should you have ANY problems at all.
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Posted by poppapia on 2007-07-06:
Unfortunately, you purchased a used car for $2,000, in "as is" condition. You could have had the vehicle inspected by an independent mechanic prior to purchase, and you could have checked the vehicles history through Carfax. As said before, car dealers are not your friend, they are in the business to sell cars and make money. It's too bad this experience has been difficult, but it will be extremely difficult for you to recoup any money due to the terms of the sale.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-06:
There are so many warning signs that you should run for the exit.

If you really wanted the car, you should ask for a carfax report. Most dealerships offer this service. If they do not, you can get the VIN and go the carfax website to confirm the car’s history report. It cost ~$20 for this service.

You should also take it to an independent certified mechanic to inspect the car. Most charges less than $100 for this service.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-07-06:
"As is" is AS IS. Buying aused car is always a gamble. It's one that many of us are willing/have to take, but having a mechanic check it out is a good thing. I sympathize becasue someday I will be buying cars for my kids and hope to get a decent used car as you thought you had. I suggest trying to find a car thru a co-worker, friends, relatives before going to a dealership.
Posted by yoke on 2007-07-06:
A decent dealership would have taken care of the problems since they arose within a few days. I do know when my brother bought his son a used car at Holley Dodge and they had a problem a few days later they took care of the problem no questions asked and it was an "AS IS" car.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-07-06:
When buying anything, not just a used car, the conditions that control are the ones reduced to writing in a contract or a bill of sale or other paper instrument. What a salesman or anyone else tells you means nothing, and no judge will eve decide a case on what a salesman told you. CARFAX is great, we are looking right now to buy a van, and CARFAX costs $25 for one vehicle, or $30 for unlimited searches. I think the dealerships get a discount on this, One van we are looking at had 12 reports, but were all ownership transfers, and emission inspection reports, and the overall report was good. Never buy a used car without having a mechanic YOU trust check it out for you. If the dealership drags their heels on this, walk away from it, that is a sign they are trying to foist a lemon on you. Best of luck on your next vehicle, this one is a lost cause.

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