Rockland Nissan Informative - Ripped of by Sales - 2007 Nissan Maxima

Review by doz on 2007-07-07
BLAUVELT, NEW YORK -- A week ago I went into Rockland Nissan to purchase a Maxima with a navigation system but they didn't have one in the lot and was told that I could bring the car back in to have it installed. I agreed but when I brought the car in this morning, 7/7/07, I was given a box with a Garmin navigator and told that was what the deal is for. I showed them the sheet on which they had written that the car would cost "$XX,000 w/navigation".

I did not accept the product but I have informed my lawyer of the situation
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-07-07:
M3C Rule #1 - never trust what a car salesman tells you...get it in writing. Unless your contract spelled out that you were to get the Nissan factory installed GPS then you are most likely stuck. They delivered what the contract required. FWIW, the Garmin units are pretty good ones.
Posted by S on 2007-07-07:
Good for you sticking to your guns!
Posted by runaway on 2007-07-07:
Did your contract specify that it was to be an installed navigation system, or did you just assume that's what you were getting?
Posted by doz on 2007-07-08:
It was not on the contract but on a preliminary sheet outlining the cost of the car and what it included. They transfered that final $ figure, which said "w/navigation", onto the contract.
Posted by Aerocave on 2007-07-09:
Sounds like a misunderstanding. It is expensive and extremely time consuming to install a factory system. Unfortunately, if the deal is complete, there is really no legal recourse. Although the dealer is obligated to nothing, if you take the nice-guy approach about the situation, they may try to help you out. Consumers think that when you threaten us with lawyers, that we will curl up like a baby and give in--This usually only makes you look like a jerk, especially if there is really no legal recourse. Talk to the General Manager or the Dealer and be firm but pleasent and you may be suprised how willing they will be offer you an acceptable solution.
In response to Hugh Jorgen: "Never trust what a car salesperson tells you" is not fair. There are many honest and ethical salepeople out there. I have been in sales/sales management for 14 years and have worked with some great people who, including myself, enjoy the business and are simply trying to earn a decent living and want you to return again. I am not saying that all are like this, but customers are equally at fault, as some lie to us about the trade in value or the deal they received at the "other dealer."
Posted by Ted_Plenge on 2007-07-30:
My name is Ted and I am a sales consultant with rockland nissan. Although you may feel that you were ripped off I can tell you I do not know who your sales man was or what your name is but I assure you if you tell me I will look into it. We strive to make everyone happy and what you muct reralize is that after a maxima is built you cannot have a Factory installed GPS put in aftermarket. The best they can do is install a indash touch screen navigation system which is mounted in the radio face and flips up it will NOT look like a factory syatem. I can assure you that it is just as good. The cost of that is $2,800 so if your contract was not written up that way then you did not pay for a in dash navigation system. The other thing is that cars are delivered as written and specified on the P.O. (purches Order) Other then what is on their rockland nissan has no means of obligation anything not written. Likewise that P.O. is not a binding aggreement for the customer or the dealer so their is no legal action that can be taken for that reason. If you give a call I will be more then happy to help you My name is Ted and My Number is 845 359 6700 extention 7030 and my e mail is I promise I will do everything I can to help you get the best deal.
Posted by Ted_Plenge on 2007-07-30:
I can also tell you that defaming the name of a company that had no legal binding to the misunderstanding is a legal law suit in itself. since we were not bound to the contract and it did not specify factory installed being that it was impossible to install factory nav after the fact we would not write that. You cannot defame the name of anything or anyone under false pretenses because that is a lawsuit open to defimation of charcter.
Posted by gprimr1 on 2007-08-05:
He didn't defame anyone, he presented what he believed in good faith. By your logic Ted, almost everyone on this site or any consumer reporting site is guilty of defamation if they say anything bad. Customers have a right to complain in a public forum, customers do not have a right to make up complaints. If he believed it, he's making a good faith complaint.

Get it in writting needs to be one of the golden rules.

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