Airport Baggage Claim Complaint - Why risk getting hurt standing in front of the baggage claim carousel

Review by hundrednbeyond on 2007-07-08
Everytime I claim my luggage at the airport, I can't help but think why are people so stupid to stand in front of the baggage carousel and risk getting knocked over by someone either trying to reach their bag or pulling their bag out of the carousel. People would be standing there when their bags are nowhere in sight. The carousel is always blocked by a wall of people. This makes a dangerous situation for everyone, especially for women and older folks who seem to be the most anxious to get their bags. I think the airport should draw some lines around the carousels and you should not cross inside the line unless you are actually getting your luggage.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-08:
What? I've never seen anyone knocked over into the carousel. Your complaint is about something that "might" happen?

Posted by Skye on 2007-07-08:
Totally agree with emt.
Posted by Jambra on 2007-07-08:
The last time I chose NOT to stand next to the carousel, I almost had my bad stolen by a woman who was too lazy to check the tag (we both had black suitcases). So, I think I'll continue standing right there, where I can see my bag when it comes around.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-08:
Hundrednbeyond, I here what you're saying and have often wondered that my self. I have been knocked down, my feet ran over countless times and sometimes I have to push people out of the way just to get my bags.

But it's about as bad as trying to get off the dam plane because of all the inconsiderate people that try and get all their bags on. Allot of them try to put them as close to the front as they can get away with and then people that sit up front must put there's back towards the back.

Have you ever been really close and just felt like jumping on the stupid thing to get is the middle?
Posted by S on 2007-07-08:
Airports were not designed for safety or efficiency. My gripe is with the baggage owner label process... No one checks to make sure the owner of the bag is the person taking the bag... It is just a free-for-all.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-08:
If you feel that way, I guess you shouldn't fly.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-08:
PirateWithParrot recommends that you drive.

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-08:
"PirateWithParrot", Translation = Hemorrhoid - Precise definition of hemorrhoids does not exist for now, but they can be described as masses or clumps of tissue within the anal canal whitch is where you will fiend PWP.
Posted by Nohandle on 2007-07-08:
I'm one of those who has a red yarn bow on the handle of my black luggage and I can spot it immediately. You're right Sparticus, no one there to check and anyone can walk off with it. It really is a free-for-all.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-08:
Nohandle, my daughter does the same type of thing with her luggage. I've also seen people use nifty colored luggage straps around the outside of their luggage.

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-08:
Lidman is another word for ass-pimple.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-08:
Everytime I get a new color bag so does someone else! I try to put stuff on them but most of the time it doesn't show up when the bag does.

PS. "whitch is where you will fiend PWP" should be which is where you will find PWP.
Posted by D. on 2007-07-08:
When I was in training for Travel/Tourism...we were told the best thing to do is get colored duct tape (doesn't have to be that real wide kind) and just put a strip of it around your luggage so you can spot it easily. I know they sell it in green yellow, red, blue, white etc. ... or you can just put a strip on each side of the luggage horizontal,vertical diagonal...whatever you want.
Posted by Skye on 2007-07-08:
I have big purple ribbons on mine. I put bright orange and black on Mr.Skye's, ya know, Halloween colors.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-08:
DB, you can make a wallet out of it, too!

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-08:
I've also seen where people use fabric paint pens/markers to put initials or a symbol on their luggage.

Maybe I'll put the M3C logo on mine!

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-08:
Emt, you might want to re-think that one there could be some pissed off people out there that will recognize it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-08:
Liddy, and they'll attack ME or my luggage for that? I hardly think so...

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-08:
Have you read some of these reviews and post lately?
Posted by Starlord on 2007-07-08:
Let the airports paint lines around the carousels, and I will tell you exactly what will happen. People will ignore them, just like htey ignore the lines in the parking lot.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-07-09:
I use small yellow zip ties.
If they put a line up, the crowd will be at the line.
Posted by hundrednbeyond on 2007-07-09:
So I guess people are standing in front of the carousel to make sure that their bags are not stolen. That could be a reason but a weak one. If they draw the lines like those in the exit of International terminals and have some people enforce it, it should work. In fact, it is easier to see who is taking your lugguage if there is not a crowd around the carousel.

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